The Legend of Samad Behrangi, the Storyteller

Shara Atashi on Samad Behrangi, one of the most influential children’s authors of Iran, and campaigner against child poverty and for inclusivity

PUBLISHED ON: 01/03/22


If someday I should face death – as I surely will – it is not what matters. What does matter is what influence my life or death will have on the lives …

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Wild Persistence

Vicky MacKenzie admires a poetry collection of humour and revelry, lit by the repeated flare of violence and warmed by the unapologetic need to live the life of one’s own choosing

PUBLISHED ON: 03/11/20


From the very first line, ‘A joy of noise’, there’s humour and revelry in Katrina Naomi’s third full-length collection. There’s pleasure taken in a lo …

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Saints and Lodgers: Poems of WH Davies

Chris Moss identifies something of Newport in the original Supertramp who belonged to no poetry school

PUBLISHED ON: 28/07/20


I am the Poet Davies, William, I sin without a blush or blink: I am a man that lives to eat; I am a man that lives to drink   Thus, with the easy …

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