Man and nature have a fierce alliance. David Tress’ landscapes create a tension between the two. David Tress is a testament to forty years of landscape painting and how Tress developed his idiosyncratic style. Tress’ landscapes are not topographical, rather they embody the ‘spirit of place’. In the words of the author, ‘The artist sees […]
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The Key

Jo Mazelis

PUBLISHED ON: 21/05/14


The phone had been ringing incessantly it seemed, for almost two weeks. As had become his habit, John let the machine answer. Most of the calls had be …

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Powys: Montgomeryshire, Radnorshire & Breconshire (Pevsner Architectural Guides: Buildings of Wales)

Mike Parker

PUBLISHED ON: 20/05/14


Some names break free from their origins and become generic – think Hoover and aspirin, or the rash of digital-age monikers such as Skype and Google. …

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Relationships with Pictures: An Oblique Autobiography

Anna Kiernan

PUBLISHED ON: 18/02/14


Peter Lord was once an ‘incomer’ to Wales, but has ‘gone native’ through learning the language, engaging with the politics of independence and leading …

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Typhoon’s album White Lighter

Jonathan Doyle

PUBLISHED ON: 12/11/13


The large majority of albums exist in a vacuum. That is, we, as listeners, usually have little idea about the creative process of the artist. Instead, …

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Reith Lectures & Hinterland

Gwen Davies

PUBLISHED ON: 06/11/13


Y Gwyll/Hinterland episode 3 last night followed by catch up final Grayson Perry Leith lecture: ‘art is spirituality in drag’. Apparently the Telegrap …

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Hitting the Road with Frida Kahlo

Valerie Laws

PUBLISHED ON: 26/08/13


The sound of my thirteen bones breaking Rings through my limbs, the world slows Down, slooowwwws right down, the noise I’m Making a deep bass mooing. …

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Michael Nobbs on Making a Living Online as an Artist

Michael Nobbs

PUBLISHED ON: 28/02/13


I’m sitting in my garden, about to pour a cup of tea, and then am planning to (maybe!) do a little work. I’m very lucky, today my garden is acting as …

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A Hunger Artist and Other Stories

Amanda Hopkinson

PUBLISHED ON: 26/02/13


Like many enthusiasts, I first read Kafka as a teenager. Then again in my 30s. And again now, at twice the age I first started out. Each time it seeme …

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Jonah Jones, An Artist’s Life

Rosie MacLeod

PUBLISHED ON: 17/07/12


Jonah Jones, An Artist’s Life is written by the subject’s own son, the S4C journalist Peter Jones. The reader detects him speaking with a Welsh vernac …

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