Whose Voice is it Anyway?

Sarah Broughton on authorial voice in biography and ghost-written books

PUBLISHED ON: 10/12/09

CATEGORY: Author process, Blog

Over the past few blogs, I’ve been thinking about the different elements I’ve had to consider as I write my biography of the woman who was briefly mar …

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What Lies Beneath

Sarah Broughton on the creativity of the wobbly line in literary research

PUBLISHED ON: 07/12/09

CATEGORY: Author process, Blog

‘Researching, like writing, is an individual, creative process.’ So says Ann Hoffman, author of Research for Writers, one of the best books on the pro …

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Questions of Identity

Sarah Broughton says it's time to claim Penelope Mortimer for Wales

PUBLISHED ON: 13/11/09


I’m writing a biography of a woman routinely described as Welsh and sometimes, more specifically, Cardiff – as in ‘Cardiff girl’, ‘Cardiff actress’ et …

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