Years ago, somewhere between childhood and maturity, I took to night walking. We lived at that time in a village on the edge of the Somerset countryside. And in my memory, it was always a deep winter’s night, hard, frosty and clear. Before heading out, I would tog myself up in hat, scarf and gloves […]
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Places seem to connect with each other more successfully than do people in this follow-up interconnected story collection, writes Jacob Powell

PUBLISHED ON: 29/06/20


Shattercone is the second collection of linked short stories by author Tristan Hughes, and includes a number that have been previously published. All …

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The Last Giants: The Rise and Fall of the African Elephant

Amy Aed reviews the non-fictional novel The Last Giants that educates on the intelligence of and injustice towards African elephants

PUBLISHED ON: 17/04/20


The Last Giants is a beautiful, heartbreaking, and educational book by Levison Wood, a man who is often regarded as one of the best explorers of the T …

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Suzanne and Gertrude

Ed Garland ruminates on this tranquil, graceful and exuberant novel about the relationship between community and recovery, the latest contribution to the literary sub-tradition of donkey as foil or mirror to the human condition

PUBLISHED ON: 01/04/20


Some writers tether their donkeys to a sense of chronic hopelessness. Maybe this tradition began with Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh. You might also know …

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Connecting the Dragons

Amy Aed admires the wonders of amphibian and reptilian creatures as she recounts her experience at the fascinating talk of Mark Barber, a member of a Welsh Conservationist Group.

PUBLISHED ON: 26/02/20


I’ll let you in on something that I have scarcely told anyone before: a part of me secretly wants to become a zoologist. I’ve always loved the idea of …

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Hawks of Dust and Wine

Sarah Tanburn

PUBLISHED ON: 23/07/19


My parents lived in an old farmhouse in Brycheiniog. From our sitting room you could see the hills rolling away. The sun lit a different field, the ne …

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Meeting the Wolves

Miranda Lynn Barnes

PUBLISHED ON: 07/05/19


Her mother drove us to the house, told us we must keep this secret. In a large fenced kennel, two wolves circled each other playfully, looked not much …

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Scott Elder

PUBLISHED ON: 24/10/18


There’s something bleeding here Thank you but that’s enough… your circus is a bowl of sadness or not enough… Scott Elder’s poetry has appeared in the …

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Blood & Other Elements, Inside the Animal House and Sherpas

Assessing these three poetry pamphlets from Rack Press, Suzannah V Evans is struck by a shared fascination with the intricacies of bone and body

PUBLISHED ON: 23/10/18


‘The spines of larks and quails, widgeon knuckles’, ‘the gristle of my dreams’, ‘“blood and gristle” the surgeons sing’. Reading these lines, it might …

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The Snow Leopard, The Ice Bear, Tell Me A Dragon (Jackie Morris Retrospective)

Eleanor Howe reports that these striking, fable-like picture books, published by Graffeg in a large format-edition, are to curl up with and savour, and that they forge connections between nature and people in the one instance, and detailed diverse worlds in the other

PUBLISHED ON: 27/07/18


It is not very often that a children’s book causes a nationwide stir, in the literary world, or beyond, but when artist Jackie Morris teamed up with w …

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