Persians is a drama that comes with a long tradition of translations, adaptations and reworkings. As the oldest surviving verse play in the Western Cannon, its palimpsestuous history can make it a particularly daunting text (or, more accurately, collection of texts) for any translator to approach. Aeschylus’ drama of war and its aftermath also serves […]
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Sophie Baggott

PUBLISHED ON: 26/02/17


Early on Saturday morning, 26 September, I journeyed to Llanelli in blazing sunshine for National Theatre Wales’ highly-anticipated ‘Iliad’. Many hour …

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Hay Festival 2015

Alice Vernon

PUBLISHED ON: 14/02/17


Hay Festival is one of the most important cultural events of the year. Turning Hay-on-Wye into a bustling celebration of art and science, the festival …

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The Story of Antigone

Maya Wood

PUBLISHED ON: 07/01/14


The Save the Story series is a project aiming to bring classic stories to a new generation of readers by having contemporary authors retell them. This …

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