Dare to Do: Taking on the Planet by Bike and Boat

Amy Aed takes a fast-paced global journey, with record-breaking adventurer Sarah Outen, which doesn’t shy away from mental distress

PUBLISHED ON: 03/05/21


Dare to Do is a fast-paced, engaging travel memoir by rower and adventurer,Sarah Outen, following her journey as she cycles, kayaks and rows across Eu …

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Lest We Forget

Wanda Zyborska writes about HM Stanley, Denbigh, memorialisation and art, asking, How can we have equality without diversity in our cultural representations?

PUBLISHED ON: 28/07/20

CATEGORY: Column, Opinion

The recent actions of Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters tearing down statues of the slave owner Edward Colston in Bristol has drawn public attention …

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Notes of a Native Son by James Baldwin

Caroline Stockford recommends this title as her favourite essay collection

PUBLISHED ON: 23/06/20

CATEGORY: Book recommendation video

Notes of a Native Son: New Welsh Writing Awards & Readers’ Poll 2018: Aberystwyth University Prize for an Essay Collection from New Welsh Review o …

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A Love Letter to Wales

To celebrate the publication of Hayley Long’s Aberystwyth-set young adult novel, The Nearest Faraway Place, the multiple Costa prize shortlisted author explains why the town has such a hold on her

PUBLISHED ON: 31/07/17

CATEGORY: Author process

The Nearest Faraway Place is a story about grief. Super massive grief. The type that takes hold of the heart and the brain and freezes them both. But …

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The Trees Won’t Tell

Cherish D Smith

PUBLISHED ON: 31/07/17

CATEGORY: Fiction, novella extract

‘You quit followin’ me, Erroll Harris!’ I call over my shoulder, clutching my books to my chest. The girls told me over lunch, fellas like a chase and …

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Honey Poo Poo and the Sad Songs of the Homesick

Nadia Kamil

PUBLISHED ON: 25/07/17


Depending on how you came across her, Judith Owen could strike you as several different people. Her range of work throughout her career is like a hall …

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Contemporary Literature from Wales

Gwen Davies, Robin Chapman and Suzy Ceulan Hughes

PUBLISHED ON: 25/07/17


Gwen Davies on recent fiction in English from Wales, Robin Chapman on the rejection of politicisation in Welsh-language literature since devolution, S …

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Diffusions Photography Festival – Looking for America

Nathan Munday

PUBLISHED ON: 09/03/17


EE Cummings wrote that ‘America is always on the move’ and so is Google Earth’s strange little van that seems to be following me around Cardiff; it ha …

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Your Brother’s Blood (The Walkin’ Trilogy)

Gee Williams

PUBLISHED ON: 18/02/14


There’s a moment in Stoppard’s screenplay of Shakespeare in Love when the mature playwright encounters an aspiring John Webster and they discuss the f …

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Sonnet for Jim Ward (Woodville Highway, Tallahassee, December 9, 2012)

Craig Blais

PUBLISHED ON: 20/11/13


On my way to the memorial service for a friend I never met who ended it all Monday – $9.99 RIB EYE and two guys burning a pile of leaves when a gray b …

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