It Is OK to Feel Relief When Somebody Dies

Rose Rouse reflects on her mother's death and inherited ideas of grief, both collective and personal

PUBLISHED ON: 25/01/23


Rose Rouse reflects on her mother’s death and inherited ideas of grief, both collective and personal

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Jemma L King is impressed by this irrepressible picture starring an older Trans heroine, witness to an original milestone in LGBTQ history, the Compton’s Cafeteria Riot, predating the 1969 NYC Stonewall riots

PUBLISHED ON: 28/07/22


It’s been a while since Wales has had an international hit, film-wise, but hopefully, all that is set to change over the next few months with two bran …

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Mrs Murata

Preview Story by Jane Joso from Japan Stories (Seren)

PUBLISHED ON: 20/05/21

CATEGORY: Preview, Story

It’s taken me a very long time and such a lot of work, but I have delighted in this so much. – Where we live in the far north of Honshu, so many peopl …

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Winner of the Royal Mint Museum Remembering Decimalisation Competition

Ten-year-old Rhys Davies of Ysgol y Bannau, Brecon, wins short story competition celebrating decimalisation

PUBLISHED ON: 03/05/21


The Life of an Old Shilling I may be old but I have my own story to tell and this is it. I used to be so helpful but now I am lost. Once bright and sh …

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