The Shut Eye is the first novel I’ve read by Belinda Bauer, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was, of course, hoping for the usual pleasures of a page-turning excursion through various sorts of depravity and covetousness, brought to a clarifying close by the work of an inspired and/or dogged detective. In other […]
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Buenos Aires Diary

Richard Gwyn

PUBLISHED ON: 14/04/14


‘Reality favours symmetries and slight anachronisms.’ J. L. Borges, The South. In May of this year I was flying over the south Atlantic in an Air Fran …

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Shapes and Pieces

Tristan Hughes

PUBLISHED ON: 23/02/13


From the background to the story: How to summarise A High Wind In Jamaica? A high jinks tale of kidnap and betrayal, an at times hilarious yarn about …

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