New Welsh Review 34, October 2019

Welcome to Review 34, our e-edition for October 2019. This autumn we present seven reviews of books, with a particular emphasis on the short story, including the BBC National Short Story Award shortlist anthology from the innovative Comma Press, featuring Welsh winner, Jo Lloyd. Other genres include poetry, translation and nonfiction. Among the latter, we home in on history, looking at a major world historical event seen through the prism of Cardiff academic, Mary Fulbrook: her book analyses how world understanding of the Holocaust has evolved since 1945, and how many of its perpetrators evaded justice. An accessible UWP bestselling title explores the history of gay lives in Wales, while Richard King’s traces over a hundred years of cultural responses to music and landscape.

In this issue:



• Chris Moss on A Little Gay History of Wales by Daryl Leeworthy. Chris Moss admires this book, which sold out within weeks of its publication last month, as a call to arms for gay lives in Wales to forge their distinctive part in our national story (subscribers only)

• Dafydd Harvey on Docklands: A Ghost Story by Damian Walford Davies. Dafydd Harvey admires the poet’s marked ability to crystalise trauma, but find the work’s narrative marred by a stubborn stylistic sameness (subscribers only)

• Julian Preece on Reckonings: Legacies of Nazi Persecution and the Quest for Justice by Mary Fulbrook. Julian Preece assesses this prize-winning volume by Cardiff-born Mary Fulbrook academic, unique in chronological range, which analyses evolving worldwide understanding of the Third Reich and how and why justice failed when it came to bringing so many of t (subscribers only)

• Chris Moss on Stillicide by Cynan Jones. Chris Moss on a powerful, disturbing novella that seeks to alienate us from our grip on language and everyday understanding of reality, in its depiction of a future society in which water is crisis, commodity, currency and contraband (subscribers only)

• Dafydd Harvey on The BBC National Short Story Award 2019 by Niki Bedi, Richard Beard, Daisy Johnson, Cynan Jones, Di Speirs (eds). Dafydd Harvey reviews an anthology of the shortlist for this prize, now in its fourteenth year and presenting the work of five women; the winner of this £15,000 prize was Wales’ Jo Lloyd (subscribers only)

• Richard John Parfitt on The Lark Ascending by Richard King. Provocative, informing and deeply exhilarating, is Richard John Parfitt’s impression of this musical exploration of era and place (subscribers only)

• Alex Diggins on The Night Circus and Other Stories by Uršuľa Kovalyk (trans Julia and Peter Sherwood). Alex Diggins enjoys this short story collection which plays with Gothic tropes but exerts a dark magnetism all of its own (subscribers only)

Blog: Caroline Stockford Come into the Pomegranate Garden

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