Review 30, March 2019

Welcome to the March 2019 edition of the Review, our monthly online supplement of review and comment. Make sure to check this page frequently as free to view and subscriber only reviews and comment pieces are regularly added to this page. This month we're publishing a mix of free to view (multimedia) and subscriber only (text reviews).

In this issue:



• Mandy Sutter on Gen by Jonathan Edwards . Readers will delight, writes Mandy Sutter, in feeling the warmth and hearing the music of Edwards’ second collection, while also valuing the encouragement to stay in touch with their own humanity (subscribers only)

• Maria Apichella on Girls Are Coming Out of the Woods by Tishani Doshi. Maria Apichella admires the Ted Hughes Prize shortlisted visceral, surreal, bold and radicalised collection with themes ranging from violence against women to fancying Patrick Swayze (subscribers only)

• Tim Cooke on Stowaway: A Levantine Adventure by Richard Gwyn. Tim Cooke is seduced by a thrilling, stunning, mischievous and masterful collection – led by an intoxicating guide – that explores how distance and dislocation can force us to confront important existential issues and create a space for new knowledge (subscribers only)

• Maria Apichella on The ‘d’ Monologues by Kaite O’Reilly. Maria Apichella finds these monologues on disability and performance funny, brutal, thought-provoking: in short, required reading (subscribers only)

• Alison Evans & Alexandra Büchler (eds) on Zero Hours on the Boulevard: Tales of Independence and Belonging by Alex Diggins. Alex Diggins find that this short-story collection is razor-edged in its timeliness; but can literature heal the wounds of Brexit? (subscribers only)

Multi-media: Menna Elfyn, Iona Greensdale, John Tudor & Dean Mather Bondo by Menna Elfyn: a Bilingual Poetry Showcase with Subtitles

Multi-media: Gwen Davies Plu by Caryl Lewis

Multi-media: Gareth Alban Davies, Gwen Davies, Heledd Evans, John Tudor & Dean Mather Dean James Tan Tro Nesaf: Prose Showcase of Seventies Patagonia with Subtitles

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