New Welsh Review Issue 1

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• Liza Penn-Thomas on A Fold in the River by Philip Gross/Valerie Coffin-Price. Liza Penn-Thomas finds a page-turner in this collection of poems and images where poet and the Taff become rival protagonists and the river is the vehicle for tackling the huge subject of being (subscribers only)

• Penny Simpson on A Life’s Work: The Art of Evelyn Williams by Anthony Perry (ed) . Collated during the last year of this resonating, neglected artist, ‘skinned of pretence’, this monograph is superbly designed and a fitting tribute, writes Penny Simpson (subscribers only)

• Phillip Clement on Four Pamphlets from Rack Press Phillip Clement enjoys Presteigne-based Rack Press’ latest pamphlets in which Adam is destalked; chimneys are weapons of subterfuge; Spanish minerals are magnified, and bodies, stone or flesh, have ‘supple heft’ (subscribers only)

• Suzy Ceulan Hughes on Goldfish Memory by Monique Schwitter, trans Eluned Gramch . Suzy Ceulan Hughes praises the rare and wondrously imperceptible translation of Schwitter’s German in a dual debut of translated stories about loneliness and missed connection (subscribers only)

• Owen Sheers on I Saw a Man by Claire Pickard . Less a thriller than a novel of ideas, is [b:Claire Pickard]’s conclusion about Owen Sheers’ novel with its central preoccupation with turning experience into words and the potential for evasion and deceit that process creates (subscribers only)

• Vicky MacKenzie on New Welsh Short Stories by Francesca Rhydderch & Penny Thomas, eds. Vicky MacKenzie finds internationalism, diversity, a beating heart, the rush of blood, and the zing of energy in a collection that proves the health of contemporary Welsh writing in English (subscribers only)

• Chris Moss on The Actaeon Tide by Tom Anderson. Travel writer Tom Anderson’s [gwales:9781909844810::debut novel] is a skilled and original supernatural whodunit crossed with horror story and gritty portrayal of suburban Wales, writes Chris Moss (subscribers only)

• Niall Griffiths on The Crocodiles by Youssef Rakha, trans Robin Moger. It began appallingly – with the self-immolation of Mohamed Bouazizi in Tunisia – but the reforming hope that rose, phoenix-like, from those awful flames was spectacular (subscribers only)

• Ffion Lindsay on The Dead City Rollers by RT Stroud. Ffion Lindsay cannot imagine RT Stroud’s cinematic debut novel being set anywhere other than Swansea, a place where according to her personal experience, melodrama rings true as documentary (subscribers only)

• Eluned Gramich on The Greatest Need: The Creative Life and Troubled Times of Lily Tobias, a Welsh Jew in Palestine by Jasmine Donahaye. Eluned Gramich sings in praise of readers of unkosher novels and among them, Lily Tobias, the subject of Jasmine Donahaye’s expert biography in Honno’s popular biography series (subscribers only)

• Alicia Byrne Keane on Tilt by Rosalind Hudis . For Alicia Byrne Keane, Rosalind Hudis’ debut collection, with its themes of disability and loss, is tinged with fairy-tale and reveals an artist’s eye for painterly detail, photographic precision and control of perspective (subscribers only)

• Alicia Byrne Keane on When Young Dodos Meet Young Dragons by Barlen Pyamootoo, Alan Perry & Sachita Samboo (eds). Mauritian slums; trustafarian students at Welsh universities and a Vancouver ski lift: Alicia Byrne Keane enjoys a poetry and prose anthology that celebrates the differences and parallels of two cultures on different stages of routes to independence (subscribers only)

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