New Welsh Review 99, Spring 2013


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• Pulp Kitchen Michael Nobbs on making a living online as an artist
• What Rhymes with Yonkers? Lloyd Robson in NYC 
• Rich Text Tyler Keevil on his story collection, Burrard Inlet
• Spitsgerbgen The third in John Harrison's series, Islands on the Edge
• Alright, Cocker? Rachel Trezise, considering titles by Nicky Wire and Jarvis Cocker, asks when lyrics make poetry
• The Other Wales Catherine Fisher on the warped and wonderful image of Fantasy Wales in popular culture
• The Nightingale Silenced Jim Pratt reveals Margiad Evans' manuscript on the 'self-disaster' of her epilepsy
• Beyond the Barren Lands Brigend's 'Suicide Spate': poetry and photography by Zoë Brigley and Nathan Roach 
• Shapes and Pieces A story by Tristan Hughes in response to Richard Hughes' A High Wind in Jamaica
• Lake Story
A short story preview from Mary-Ann Constantine's forthcoming collection All the Souls

Editor: Gwen Davies