New Welsh Review 87, Spring 2010


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 Off By Heart by Tishani Doshi
Tishani Doshi on writing from memory that isn't memoir: 'In the end, there is memory and there is the imagination, twinning and uncoupling till there is only one thing: the story'.
• The Graveyards of Vilnius by Tom Bullough
Vignettes of life and death in the Lithuanian city.
• Sleeping Lord by Andrew McNeillie
Andrew McNeillie on David Jones: 'a Welsh patriot of a highly unusual kind'. McNeillie considers how Reading David Jones by Thomas Dilworth (UWP) sheds light on the work of a writer who deserves more than the current relative obscurity within the mainstream.
• Sparrow's Flight by Lloyd Jones
Lloyd Jones in Berlin; a travelogue of place and time, with typically wry discursions on sex, literary theory and rock 'n roll.
• First Hand by Gary Owen
Gary Owen on verbatim theatre: creating a script from first person testimony.
• Last Word by Isabel Adonis
Identity, language and literature.
• Photo Essay: Once We Were Birds by Tina Carr/Annemarie Schöne
Roma Gypsies, Europe's fastest growing minority.
• I Go Underground by Deborah Kay Davies
• Looted by Dai Vaughan

Editor: Kathryn Gray