New Welsh Review 83, Spring 2009


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Still in Hollywood by Tom Anderson
Travel writer Tom Anderson takes a tour of 'La-La Land' and surveys the Culture of Impulse.
• Darkness and Light by Jane MacNamee
Jane MacNamee discusses the life and work of Eiluned Lewis with her daughter, Katrina Burnett. Fleet Street journalist, country woman and novelist, Lewis felt a strong connection to the 'strange and immortal'.
• A Genuine Contender by Judy Kendall
Judy Kendall appraises The Annotated Collected Poems of Edward Thomas and a recent anthology of poetry and essays inspired by his work, Branch-Lines.
• Out of Hearsay by John Sam Jones
John Sam Jones reflects on a literature emerging from the margins. Should his work be labelled as 'gay' or is that simply a convenient marketing niche? 
• First Hand by Robert Minhinnick
Poet, novelist and essayist Robert Minhinnick on his bid for a Creative Wales Award, and his latest work-in-progress In Goliath's Country.
• Photo Essay: Appalachian Coal Mines by Roger Tiley
Introduced by the photographer, the photo essay explores the parallels between Appalachian and Welsh coal mining communities.
• The Last Word by David Adams
Former arts correspondent for The Guardian and a regular reviewer for The Western Mail, David Adams writes on the failure of theatre criticism in Wales, and how this is rendering the performing arts invisible.
• Maggie's Lipstick by Bethan Roberts
• Nathan and the Cloud of Unknowing by Henry Shukman

Editor: Kathryn Gray