New Welsh Review 81, Autumn 2008


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• Freedom of Information by Peter Lord
Peter Lord considers digital media and posterity from the perspective of the life and work of Cliff McLucas: a visual artist whose work was dominated by graphics and performance.
• Babylon Wales by Anthony Brockway
Anthony Brockway considers the phenomenon of blogs, how they reflect and influence Welsh culture, and the literary conventions. Are bloggers an 'online mob of wannabe journalists, frustrated amateurs and shrill egomaniacs' or are blogs a 'testament to the importance placed on the written word in the new millennium'?
• Father Figures by Gary Owen
Playwright Gary Owen explores the genesis of his play Father Figures from oral history to YouTube to stage.
• The Abandoned by Dannie Abse
Dannie Abse introduces a new version of his poem.
• Photo / Poem Collaboration by David Hurn and Dannie Abse
• A Publisher's Internet by Nicholas Spice
• Photo Essay by Rhodri Jones
The photographer explores internal migration in the People's Republic of China
• Poetry / Photo Collaboration by Philip Gross and Simon Denison
• Brawn by Alix Nathan
• Hurricane by Candy Neubert

Editor: Francesca Rhydderch