New Welsh Review 80, Summer 2008


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• Theatres of Memory by Andrew Green
The Librarian of the National Library of Wales, puts the recent digitisation debate into a broader historical context.
• One Hundred Welsh Poets by Alan Riach
Alan Riach considers the recently published Poetry 1900-2000: One hundred poets from Wales edited by Meic Stephens, which raises 'questions about how to identify and describe the variety that constitutes a national tradition, what its relations are with contemporary developments'.
• A Female Tradition by Kirsti Bohata
Kirsti Bohata considers three recent publications from Jane Aaron, Katie Gramich and Ursula Masson that offer a feminist perspective on the Anglo-Welsh canon, and which mark 'an important turing point in the field'; they have 'demonstrated beyond question that Welsh women could and did write'.
• Celestial Ram, Holy Lamb by Imogen Rhia Herrad
The author traces a cultural history of sheep.
• Photo / Poem Collaboration by David Hurn and Kathryn Simmonds
• A Writer's History by D.J. Britton
• Abandoned by Tina Carr and Annemarie Schöne
• Water Lion by Penny Simpson
• Brown by Lloyd Jones

Editor: Francesca Rhydderch