New Welsh Review 8, Spring 1990


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• New from the Land of Youth by Sally Roberts Jones
Sally Roberts Jones charts the development of Anglo-Welsh children's literature.
• Interview with Alison Morgan by Joan Walmsley
Joan Walmsley talks to Alison Morgan about the social criticism present in her books, how she finds time to write and character development.
• How I Began... by Susan Cooper
Susan Cooper on the influence of her grandparents and their home, Aberdovey, on her writing career.
• Welsh Magic and Jenny Nimmo by Marcus Crouch
Marcus Crouch looks at the magic in Jenny Nimmo's books and draws comparisons with Nesbit. 
• An American Hero in Welsh Fantasy by Norma Bagnall
The author explores the broad influence that The Mabinogion has had on stories in Britain and America, with a particular focus on American writer Lloyd Alexander and Alan Garner.
• The Undefined Boundary by Peter J Foss
Peter J Foss looks at the converging worlds in the early novels of Alan Garner.
• A Lesson in History by Nicholas Le Mesurier
The author explores the presence of the past in the novels of Penelope Lively.
• Margaret Jones: Images for Words by Belinda Humfrey
Belinda Humfrey looks at the career of illustrator Margaret Jones, who was '...born to illustrate the Mabinogion'.
• Interview with Tony Curtis by Robert Minhinnick
Robert Minhinnick talks to Tony Curtis about the theme of death in his poems, his relationship with America and his competitive nature.
• Tony Curtis: An Appreciation by Anne Stevenson
Anne Stevenson celebrates Tony Curtis's poetry and finds that his chief gift is to '...redeem the commonplace by enriching it with a personal mixture of compassionate love and accuracy'.
• History Books by Tony Brown
The author looks at the main themes of Tony Curtis's poetry: human fragility, a sense of continuity through time and the human capacity for survival.
• i nv spo n : 1) 2 mi f / by G O Jones
G O Jones talks about his relationship with the Welsh language and his father's development of an English phonetic shorthand, ABBREVIA.
• Prologue to Whitethrone Keep by Rose Flint

Editor: Belinda Humfrey