New Welsh Review 78, Winter 2007


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• Stories to Make the Grown-Ups Scream by Jeni Williams
Jeni Williams explores depictions of childhood innocence in fiction: 'Literary text, pulp fiction, thriller and tabloid: right accross these media we are confronted with multiple constructions on the innocent child'.
• The Foreign-ness Within by Mary B. Valencia
Mary B. Valencia interviews the writer and performer Fflur Dafydd, and asks how growing up in a bi-cultural and bilingual environment has influenced her work.
• The Poet and the Photographer by John Briggs
John Briggs recounts meeting and photographing the poet John Berryman in his youth. Not simply a straight-forward photo-assignment, the encounter was an experience 'satisfying beyond expectation'.
• A Message from the Masons by John Barnie
An extract from a memoir-in-progress by poet, critic and former editor of Planet, John Barnie.
• Photo / Poem Collaboration by David Hurn and Paul Henry
• A Writer's Writer by Catherine Fisher
The influences of Lewis Carroll, Robert Louis Stevenson and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
• Photo Essay by Betina Talvan Skovbro
Mum Said You Were Dead!
• Roland Mathias 1915-2007 by M. Wynn Thomas
An obituary for the poet, editor and critic who died earlier this year.
• Growing Up by Jasmine Donahaye
• Rape by Gerard Woodward

Editor: Francesca Rhydderch