New Welsh Review 77, Autumn 2007


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• Poverty, Piety and Newsprint by Martin Padget
Martin Padget explores the cultural politics of documentary photography in the Outer Hebrides, where there has traditionally been a 'geographically peripheral and culturally marginalized population'.
• The Falkland Diaries by Des Barry (words) and Diego Vidart (images)
Welsh writer Des Barry and Uruguayan photographer Diego Vidart travelled from Cardiff to the Falkland Islands for a joint project 'about everyday life, not the war'. This adapted extract of their diary inevitably stirs up associations with the 1982 conflict but 'can any piece of artwork heal anything?'
• Is There Anybody Out There? by Jasmine Donahaye
Jasmine Donahaye considers the Library of Wales classics series. From the choice of editor, publisher and selection of titles to expectations and sales: what, she asks, will make the series a resounding and cultural success?
• Conquering Convention by Claire Flay
Claire Flay unearths revealing new material on 1920s writer Dorothy Edwards as her work comes back into print as part of the Library of Wales classics series.
• Photo / Poem collaboration by David Hurn and Robert Minhinnick
• A Writer's Writer by Owen Martell on Dostoevsky and T.H. Parry-Williams
• Photo Essay by Joanna Hughes
Photo essay and prose on the closure of the Burberry factory in Treorchy, south Wales
• The Loser by Fatos Kongoli, translated by Robert Elsie and Janice Mathie-Heck
• Martha, Jack & Shanco by Caryl Lewis, translated by Gwen Davies

Editor: Francesca Rhydderch