New Welsh Review 73, Autumn 2006


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• Double Acts and Distorting Mirrors by Christopher Meredith
The novelist and poet discusses his translation of Mihangel Morgan's Melog: a book that he describes as 'obsessive in its imagery and patterning' as well as 'crammed with Welsh cultural references' . Literary translation, Meredith discovers, is an intense and interrogative kind of reading.
• Mr Vogal by Lloyd Jones
A humourously honest account of how the author came to write his first novel in the form of 'gonzo picaresque', and a meditation on such subjects as Wales, middle age and being a 'blydi mutant'.
• The Dulling of Ploughshares by Will Atkins
The former fiction editor of Seren looks at two comic writers of the so-called 'dime thriller': Malcolm Pryce and Jasper Fforde. Are they parodists or pasticheurs, or is their work more about farce and satire?
• A Writer's Writer by Malcolm Pryce on Robert Sheckley
• Photo / Poem Collaboration by David Hurn and Gwyneth Lewis
• New National Poet for Wales by
Professor Gwyn Thomas is announced as the next national Poet for Wales
• The Tide Goes Out by Lloyd Jones
novel extract
• The King of The Forest by Tiffany Murray
• Caught in the Loop by Claudia Rapport

Editor: Tristan Hughes