New Welsh Review 7, Winter 1989


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• Gerard Manley Hopkins 1844 - 1889 by Walford Davies
Walford Davies interviews John Wain. They discuss Hopkin's Catholicism, his influence on 60s poets and John Wain's favourite Hopkin's poems.
• Gerard Manley Hopkins: Like Something Almost Being Said by Walford Davies
The Gwyn Jones Lecture delivered at the Cardiff Festival of Literature.
• Fixity versus Flux: Hopkins and the Discourse of Development by Lesley Higgins
Lesley Higgin's paper presented at the Hopkin's Centenary Conference, in which she explores the themes of time, creation and identity in Hopkin's work.
• The Men Whom Hopkins Joined by Paul Edwards S J
Paul Edwards discusses the poet's years as a novice of the Society of Jesus at St Bueno's.
• Gerard Manley Hopkins and the Vale of Clwyd by Gladys Mary Coles
Gladys Mary Coles on the influence of the Vale of Clwyd on his writings from his St Bueno years.
• The Relevance of Gerard Manley Hopkins for Welsh Poetry in English Today by 
J P Ward argues that Hopkin's parallel preoccupations with abundance and control still have relevance to poetry today.
• The Naked Shingles of the World by Jeremy Hooker
Jeremy Hooker on modern poetry and the crisis of religious language.
• Portrait of an Actor by Sian James
Sian James pays tribute to her husband, the actor Emrys James.
• Letter from America by David Lloyd
David Lloyd on how American poetry is gaining in political sophistication.
• The New Starter by Robert Morgan
• First Death on the Mountain by Stuart Henson

Editor: Belinda Humfrey