New Welsh Review 6, Autumn 1989


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• Poetry & Pizza by William Oxley
Willam Oxley pays tribute to friend and poet, Dannie Abse.
• Interview with Dannie Abse by J P Ward
Dannie Abse talks about his new collection Remembrance of Crimes Past, Movement Poetry and his role as an urban poet.
• Finding Consolations by James A Davies
James A Davies discusses three of Dannie Abse's plays: Fire in Heaven, House of Cowards and Pythagoras.
• The Martians Disciple? by Linden Peach
Linden Peach on the irony and wit in the poetry of Oliver Reynolds.
• Rescuing the Word by Robert Minhinnick
Focus on the 'poster-poet' Paul Pieter Piech and his work with the South Glamorgan Institute of Higher Education.
• The Transitory Walker by Dewi Stephen Jones
Dewi Stephen Jones on continuity in the poetry of Anne Stevenson.
• Letter From America by David Lloyd
David Lloyd looks at the coming of age of Postmodernist writers.
• Tony Conran's Branwen by Ian Gregson
Ian Gregson reviews the Made in Wales stage company's production of Branwen.
• In My Master's House by G D C Swain
• Summer's End: Snaketown by Ron Berry
• Tea with Subhasish by Gerry Farrell
• Point of Departure by Tim Bird

Editor: Belinda Humfrey