New Welsh Review 56, Summer 2002


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• Dylan Thomas's New Quay by David N. Thomas
It's a commonplace to say that Dylan Thomas worked best away from the temptations of London, in his "vegetabledom", as he once described New Quay.
David N. Thomas finds that it was more Bombay Potato than Boiled Cabbage.
• Dannie Abse's Autobiographical Fiction by James A. Davies
Abse explores a middle-class world of responsible behaviour, respected family life, love, security, hard work and professional concern, as well as the opposites to all these. Davies explores Abse's work against a background of critical neglect.
• 'My World Stock Fluctuates a Good deal!': An appreciation of R.S. Thomas from the western side of the Atlantic by John G. McEllhenney
Drawing on his correspondence with the poet, McEllhenney reflects on America's appreciation of R.S.Thomas.
• Taking Soundings by Mary Medlicott
Medlicott examines the causes and consequences of lost cultures by telling of her experiences with an impending Eistedfod visit, a Welsh Choir in North America, the American Indian culture of the area and stories of seals basking on dinghies.
• Lore of the Rings by C.W. Sullivan
Sullivan discusses the influence of Welsh myth and legend on fantasy literature in the 1960s and 1970s. In this article, Sullivan explores the use of Welsh Mythology and landscape as inspiration for a range of fantasy novels during the '60s and '70s.
• Shakespearean Revels by Sally Harper
Harper looks back at a musical Christmas held at Lleweni Hall, Denbighshire in the 1590s and examines the nature and number of the performers in attendance as well as looking at the life of the hall's host, John Salusbury.
• Tower of Power by Mike Jenkins
Mike Jenkins interviews Tyrone O'Sullivan, Chariman of Tower Colliery on the release of O'Sullivan's autobiography, the position of the arts in Wales, politics, OBEs and the buyout of the Tower Colliery by its workers.
• Regenerating Wales by Gareth Williams
Williams undertakes some sociological reflections on the past and future of the South Wales of coal and steel by drawing on a study of the impact of the Chorus steel closures.
• In search of Niclas y Grais by Geoff Jones
Jones looks at the work and ideology of T.E. Nicholas (Niclas y Glais) and explores how the overtly political works of Nicholas are still relevant in modern society when there is great risk of subversion of a strong culture.
• When was Welsh History? by Colin Thomas
Thomas reminisces over his experience with Gwyn Alf Williams in producing Welsh history programmes for the BBC and the problems of conveying history to an un-receptive public.
• A letter from Her Majesty by Gareth Miles
A light-hearted look at the relationship between the Wales and the Royal Family.
• Riot? What Riot? by James Thomas
Thomas looks back at the "Battle of Ninian Park" that was the FA cup game between Leeds and Cardiff and explores how the English media turned it into a crusade against Wales.
• The Music of Madness by John Harrison
Harrison examines how Edgar Allen Poe's stories can be interpreted through art cinema with focus on 'The Fall of the House of Usher' as a visual and musical event.
• Ceri Richards and the condition of music by Rian Evans
Evans looks back at the life and work of the welsh artist Ceri Richards in the run-up to the centenary of the artist's birth.
• Private View by Tony Curtis
Tony Curtis looks at a selection of art exhibitions in Wales at the beginning of 2002.
• Dic kicks against the pricks by David Adams
Adams reviews the play 'Franco's Bastard' by Dic Edwards and discusses the playwrite and his stylistic relation to Caradoc Evans in terms of their plays' political impact.
• The Theatre of Human Obsessions by Hazel Walford Davies
Walford Davies interviews playwright Mark Jenkins about his life and works.
• Chapter and Verse by Ivor Davies
'The Laocoon' Davies explains the archetypical basis of his picture on the cover of issue 56.
• Books I Remember by Stevie Davies
Davies looks back at some of the most memorable books she has read in her life.
• About the size of a shoebox by Niall Griffiths
• As I was a boy fishing by Lewis Davies
• The Search Room by Robert Nisbet
• Bones by John Gower
• Plwcca Halog by Paul Persen
• The Enchanted by Patrick Gilmore
• Strange Tunnels Disappearing by Gary Ley

Editor: Victor Golightly