New Welsh Review 54, Winter 2001


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• Illuminations of all the mind by Nathalie Wourm
Nathalie Wourm interviews Samantha Wynne Rydderch about Welshness in an international setting and about her life.
• A colonial raider in London by Chris Wigginton
Chris Wigginton interviews Iain Sinclair about his works, life and politics.
• R. S. in Munich by Johannes Gramich
Johannes Gramich looks at how R. S. Thomas is seen in the German-speaking world.
• The Daughters of Uranium by Robert Minhinnick
Robert Minhinnick recounts his journey to Saskatchewan in Autumn involving planes, lightning, frozen plains, absent priests and the daughters of uranium.
• Black Welsh identity: the unspeakable speaks by Isabel Adonis
Isabel Adonis explores cultural identity in terms of language, nationality and racial heritage.
• A memorable Eisteddfod by Jane Aaron
Jane Aaron looks back at the Denbigh Eisteddfod and the problems and success of the events.
• Listening to light, on a profoundly dark day by Rian Evans
Rian Evans on the Vale of Glamorgan Festival.
• 'Taffy was a Welshman...' by Keith Nurse
Keith Nurse on Fleet Street's scorn and contempt for the Welsh
• An American elegy by Leslie Norris
Leslie Norris writes of the centenary of a Utah mining disaster which had international significance.
• Bert Trick - the original Marx Brother by Kerith Trick
Kerith Trick on 'Swansea's leading Marxist', who taught Dylan Tjomas his hatred of fascism.
• Llareggub's Cyfarwydd by T. James Jones
T. James Jones on trabslating 'Under Milk Wood' (based on a paper given at the Gregynog Conference 17-19 March 2000)
• In-migrations of the art kind by Tony Curtis
Tony Curtis looks at the impact on Welsh art exhibited by visiting artists from overseas.
• Chapter and Verse by
A collection of short news items including:
Permanent Waves,
Wales is a nation of frustrated authors!,
New Website: arts and young people in Wales,
Book Reviews on the internet,
Roundyhouse Poetry Magazine
• Dylan Thomas Celebration 2001 by Jo Furber
Jo Furber of the Dylan THomas Centre on this year's festival.
• Books I Remember by Jeff Towns
Jeff Towns looks back at memorable books from his past
• The Organist by John Gower
• The Collection by Carolyn Lewis
• Logs by Michael Ponsford
• Days of Our Lives by Andrew Williams

Editor: Victor Golightly