New Welsh Review 46, Autumn 1999


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• "The 1847 Report told the Welsh exactly what the english thought of them..." by Linda Adams
Linda Adams reviews The Language of the Blue Books Gwyneth Tyson Robert's study of the 1847 Report into the State of Education.
• Small, timeless worlds enclosed by friendship by Leslie Norris
A critique of "The Collected Stories of Glyn Jones" edited with an introduction by Tony Brown.
• Taking Welsh sensibility into the wider world by Ozi Rhys Osmond
Welsh Greats of the Century: Artists. "At the beginning of this century there were few Welsh Artists, however we are now witnessing an enormous growth in activity in all of the arts."
• Wales's theatres of lethargy and destruction by Brian Davies
A review of two volumes of work by the English social historian, Raphael Samuel: Theatres of Memory, Volumes I & II
• A fiercely mourning house by Walford Davies
Walford Davies reviews A Reference Companion to Dylan Thomas by James A Davies
• In a strange land (part 11) by Richard Poole
The conclusion of Richard Poole's study of Glyn Jones's novel, The Island of Apples.
• Fruitful earth, poetic space by Topher Mills
Broadcasting notes
• Beliefs by David Winwood
• Out of the Scrapheap by Roger Granelli
• Lord of the Animals by Tony Conran
• Before the Deluge by Ryan Ablett
• Your Number's Up by Penny Pearce

Editor: Robin Reeves