New Welsh Review 43, Winter 1998


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• More than one error of judgement by Peter Stead
The shock resignation of Ron Davies as Welsh Secretary, and its aftermath.
• From investors' prospectus to social realism by Ozi Rhys Osmond
Review of The Visual Culture of Wales:Industrial Society by Peter Lord.
• After the pantomime by David Melding
David Melding revisits Eastern Europe to see how it has changed
• Idris Davies's middle years by Marian Henry Jones
Fresh insight into the Rhymney poet's life and times is provided by the background to two letters he wrote in 1938 and 1945.
• Giants of faith against a secular tide by D. Densil Morgan
Welsh Greats of the Century: religious leaders
• A firmament with few stars by Rhys David
Welsh Greats of the Century: business leaders. From 19th century David Davies of Llandinam to Laura Ashley in the 20th Century.
• 'Women like sibyls' and 'whisps of things' by Teleri Williams
Williams explores the feminine in stories by Dorothy Edwards.
• Aliens, frontiers & the identity industry by Gilly Adams
Adams reviews State of Play: 4 Playwrights of Walesedited by Hazel Walford
• Fun, feelings and the future by Jeni Williams
Recent theatre in Wales.
• Liberations frim the literal by David Ian Rabey
The playwright explains why he writes for the theatre.
• Mystery disappearances and big jumps by Topher Mill
Broadcasting notes
• A Trick of the Light by Herbert Williams
• The Clent Lovers by J.L. Brooke
• Journey to Another Country by Sian James
• Grab the Day by Carole Morgan Hopkin

Editor: Robin Reeves