New Welsh Review 41, Summer 1998


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• Saunders in Afallon by Gareth Miles
A modern fable by Gareth Miles.
• Ancienne Cuisine or 'Let them eat Welsh cakes!' by Hawys Pritchard
A discussion of the literature of 'traditional' Welsh food.
• 'Cur dwbl [y galon' (The double beat of the heart)] by Francesca Rhydderch
Profile of bilingual poet Gwyneth Lewis.
• From rough shores to Space Shuttle by Peter Gruffydd
Gruffydd reviews Gwyneth Lewis's latest collection of poemsZero Gravity.
• The Hen Benillion and Glyn Jones by Tony Conran
Conran explains the background to posthumous volume of translations A People's Poetry: Hen Benillion.
• Pugh, What a Scorcher! by John Goodby
John Goodby responds to Sheenagh Pugh's criticism of 'difficult' contemporary poetry in NWR vol. 40.
• Llathyard: word on the street by Penny Simpson & Peter Finch
A Cardiff words and images exhibition with a difference.
• Welsh Greats of the Century:Buildings & Architects by Ifor Thomas
A look at the relative merits of this century's landmark buildings and their architects.
• 'Condem'd to wither on a foreign strand' by Moira Dearnley
The 1833-34 poems of Ann of Swansea.
• Nineties arts-speak is not enough by Graham Laker
Laker reflects on two very different accounts of the future of theatre in the next millenium.
• 'A Gymnasium for underused imaginations' by Jeni Willams
Review of recent theatre productions in Wales.
• Seeing the possibilities; the dramatist as teacher by Hazel Walford Davies
An interview with Alan Osborne.
• Welsh Writing in English finds Stamina by Patrick Crotty
A discussion of New Welsh Review's Welsh Writing in English: A Yearbook of Critical Essays, Vol. 4.
• American Money, Whole Lotta Sparks by Topher Mills
Broadcasting round-up
• The Day Trippers by Richard John Evans
• Teeth by Jon Gower
• Tuning Up by Simon Howells
• Trapped Thoughts by Rhodri Clark
• Gifts by Idwal Walters

Editor: Robin Reeves