New Welsh Review 40, Spring 1998


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• Welsh Greats of the Century: Poets by Katie Gramich
The first article in a new series, Katie Gramich debates the relative merits of Wales's top English-language poets this century.
• R.S. Thomases: 'composer of the first radio-active verses' by John Pikoulis
Review of R.S. Thomas's Autobiographies.
• Poems that pass all understanding by Sheenagh Pugh
Pugh's commentary reveals that she finds an absence of meaning in much modern poetry.
• Forty years of stubbornness by Peter Stead
Peter Stead reviews Gwynfor Evans's memoirs For the Sake of Wales
• Trouble in Chatwin country by Nicholas Murray
Chatwin's biographer charts the literary assassination of a writer with a one-time legendary reputation.
• Cardiff International Poetry - the winners by Matthew Sweeney
The adjudication of the Welsh Academy's Cardiff International Poetry Competition 1997.
• Writer for a Lit-up People? by J. Roy Birch
J. Roy Birch explores the novels about Wales of writer James Hanley, who lived in Montgomeryshire for 30 years.
• 'The heart is a terrible prison' by Tony Brown
Tony Brown reviews a new edition of James Hanley's short stories.
• Healthy frictions of Past v. Future by Charmian Savill
Savill's review of the acting and performance environment in mid-Wales.
• Rich diversity masks the sense of crisis by Roger Owen
Roger Owen reviews critical study of theatre in Wales, Staging Wales: Welsh Theatre 1979-97.
• The problems - and pleasures - of entertainment by Jeni Williams
Review of recent theatre productions.
• Wizards of Oz by Jon Gower
Jon Gower reports from Perth, Western Australia, on the reception given to Fiction Factory's tour of House of America.
• Death, God and bloody coal by Topher Mills
A round up of TV and radio.
• Who belonged just long enough ago by Ron Berry
• Work - and it by E.M. Macdonald
• Dewi by Anna Young

Editor: Robin Reeves