New Welsh Review 39, Winter 1997


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• Daniel Rowland's Children by Nigel Jenkins
Nigel Jenkins reviews Calvinists Incorporated: Welsh Immigrants on Ohio's Industrial Frontier, an intriguing new study of nineteenth-century emigration from Ceredigion to Ohio.
• from 'Yellow Dust Journal' by Robert Minhinnick
Robert Minihinnick charts his travels along the uranium trail in America.
• Coal Faces by Tina Carr & Annemarie Schone
In an extract from their book: Coal Faces, the People of the Afan Valley, the authors talk to 'Peter' and his brothers about life after coal in the Upper Afan Valley.
• Under the Sway of Coal by H. Gustav Klaus
H. Gustav Klaus reviews Coal: An Anthology of Mining by Tony Curtis.
• 'Detached attachment' by James A. Davies
James A. Davies discusses the life and work of the writer, John Ormond.
• What was before Big Bang? by Glyn Jones
Extracts from the 1980s jottings of Glyn Jones, selected by Meic Stephens.
• Tones of Loneliness by Tony Brown
The Collected Poems of Glyn Jones is reviewed by Tony Brown.
• Getting your name into print by Peter Finch
The conclusion of New Welsh Review's series on the art of writing.
• Welsh self-denigration is now redundant by David Gow & Marion Loffler
An analysis of the stage and film versions of Ed Thomas's play House of America.
• Two languages, one theatre? by Jon Gower
Jon Gower assesses the fruits of Chapter's recent "Cymru Heb Ffiniau: Wales without Borders" drama festival.
• Avoiding the mistakes of the 1970s by Graham Laker
The author discusses the "social ownership" of theatre space.
• Discovering a theatrical landscape by Hazel Walford Davies
An interview with the playwright Greg Cullen.
• Aberystwyth shows off record entry by Keith Morris
An analysis of the ninth Welsh International Film Festival.
• Franco & Nye: recipes for success by Topher Mills
Broadcasting notes.
• A Tail and Four Legs by J.A. Baldwin
• Sabbatical by Alun Richards
• Continuity by Philip Ward
• Twenty Different Colours by Lloyd Rees

Editor: Robin Reeves