New Welsh Review 38, Autumn 1997


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• Ffiw! by Nigel Jenkins, Gillian Clarke and Richard John Evans
Three generations of Welsh writers give their reactions to the referendum "Yes" in favour of Welsh Assembly.
• "Make it true, make it new" by Robert Thomas
Sculptor Robert Thomas pays tribute to his friend, the writer Ron Berry, who died in July.
• In Good Pasture by Alun Richards
A memoir of Ron Berry and friends.
• Slaughter and Salvation by Jane Aaron
The author discusses the representation of British Imperialism in nineteenth-century Welsh women's writing.
• Step outlines and treatments by Michele Ryan
In part 6 of New Welsh Review's 'The Art of Writing', the author explains skills of film and TV scriptwriting.
• A Million Miles from Odessa by Rosalind Elbogen Harries
A consideration of the portrayal of Wales in the novels of Bernice Rubens, who recently celebrated her 70th birthday.
• One rainy Sunday afternoon ... by D.A. Callard
The author traces the career of Rhys Davies as a short-story writer.
• Culture Cash by Penny Simpson
Penny Simpson focuses on the Cardiff-based theatre dance company, Earthfall.
• Montreal's mind attack by Paul Davies
Paul Davies reports on the experimental drama at this year's Festival de Theatre des Ameriques.
• Ram-raiding the memory bank & other adventures by Jon Gower
A round-up recent new productions in Wales.
• Discovering a theatrical landscape by Hazel Walford Davies
The author discusses 'Cockney lad' playwright Greg Cullen's six-month stint at Theatr Powys.
• Paper Tiger, Leaping Dragons by Topher Mills
Broadcasting Notes.
• Market Forces by Ron Berry
• CamusWorld by Julian Upton
• Not the Man she Married by Paul Bhogal
• After Josephus by T.J. Davies

Editor: Robin Reeves