New Welsh Review 28, Spring 1995


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• Harri's secret family by Jon Dressel
Jon Dressel pays tribute to poet Harri Webb.
• Completing the poetic record by Meic Stephens
As editor of the forthcoming Harri Webb collection Complete Poems Meic Stephens will show the full range of Harri Webb's writing in one volume.
• Notes on Surrealism by Glyn Jones
In celebration of Glyn Jones's ninetieth birthday, we publish for the first time an English translation of an article he wrote in 1937 for Tir Newydd, a Welsh language literary journal of the period.
• 'Exhausted tradition' bites back by 
Readers respond to the article in the previous issue of New Welsh Review by Ian Gregson of UW Bangor's English Department in which he accused Wales's English-language poets of writing out of "an exhausted tradition".
• 'Eggs laid by tigers' by Victor Golightly
An exploration of Dylan Thomas's first steps as a writer through his contributions to the Swansea Grammar School Magazine.
• At 'Dame' school with Dylan by Joan A Hardy
The author recalls her friendship at primary school with "a pale, thin little boy with an incredible halo of blonde curls".
• Visionary glimpses of eternity by John Ackerman
The author looks at the life of poet Vernon Watkins and in particular the influence of the Gower peninsular on his work.
• Eastern approaches, Western promise: poets of Swansea after Dylan by James A Davies
A critical essay exploring the poetry of Swansea poets that have come after 'Swansea's most famous son'.
• Towards a movie-made Wales by Peter Stead
The author argues that cinema is now crucial to our understanding of modern Wales.
• A novelist at the cinema by Stephen Ridgwell
Reading Jack Jones's unpublished 1930s novel Shadow Show, leads Stephen Ridgwell to discover the early years of the cinema.
• The Titan of Blaenau Ffestiniog by Trefor Edwards
The author relives his friendship with John Cowper Powys during the writer's last years.
• The Headless, Sick and Paper Dragon by Jon Gower
Broadcasting Notes.
• The Widow Makers by Alun Richards
• The living have a job of work to do by Graham Allen
• The Enemy Within by Herbert Williams

Editor: John Pikoulis