New Welsh Review 19, Winter 1992


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• Literary voyeurism by D Hywel Davies
The author reviews Annwyl Kate, Annwyl Saunders – the private letters, spanning a 60-year period, between leading 20th Century Welsh writers, Kate Roberts and Saunders Lewis.
• The Devil in Eden: Caradoc Evans and his Wales by John Harris
John Harris’s Gwyn Jones lecture illuminates the early life and times of this century’s most controversial Anglo-Welsh writer.
• Death to a dinosaur by Jonah Jones
Jonah Jones enters the debate over the role of the National Museum of Wales.
• When east was east and west was west by John Osmond
Provoked by The Confirmation, John Barnie’s autobiographical novel about upbringing, John Osmond discusses the experience they both shared of growing up in Abergavenny.
• Climbing aboard a coracle of a language by Dai Woosnam
Dai Woosnam reviews Discovering Welshness, a new book of essays by people who learned Welsh as a second language, and likes what he finds.
• Thomas Johnes and the lost world of Hafod by Bethan Phillips
The author recalls the triumphs and tragedies of one of Wales’s most celebrated landlords with the help of Richard Moore-Colyer’s book A Land of Pure Delight.
• Enlightened times by J H Cook
J H Cook explains the increasing popularity of the historical novels of American lawyer Sharon Penman and the insight they provide into medieval Welsh society.
• Sounds of Achievement by Jon Gower
Broadcasting notes.
• Modern media’s evil romanticism by Tom Davies
Tom Davies believes that television is obsessed with the persistent pursuit of the violent and in this article, spells out what he thinks is to blame for the mounting tide of violence, riot, crime and disorder in society.
• Eagle spreads its wings by Dewi Roberts
Part of our series of articles focusing on Welsh publishers, Dewi Roberts talks to Myrddin Ap Dafydd of Gwasg Carreg Gwalch.
• The Arthur of the Welsh by Bedwyr Lewis Jones
The author examines The Arthur of the Welsh, a new study of the Arthurian legend which for centuries has captivated the imagination of Europe and the English speaking world.
• The Echo by P Y Betts
• Life Imitates Art by Peter Finch
• Freepost by T J Davies
• Diary, 25.12.80 – 1.1.81 by Madeline Mayne

Editor: Robin Reeves