New Welsh Review 106, Winter 2014


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• Call & Response: A Friendship in Poems Judy Brown & Katrina Naomi
• Last Day on St Helena Niall Griffiths visits the South Atlantic
• River of Ink Paul Cooper on his debut novel about a thirteenth century Sri Lanka court poet
• Coastwalkers and Curious Travellers Mary-Ann Constantine
• A Summer Corridor Jim Pratt on the year Nancy Whistler and her sister Peggy (Margiad Evans) spent on the River Wye
• An Ugly, Lovely Year Chris Moss on literary tourism & the Dylan Thomas centenary
• A Borders Bestiary Nicholas Murray on landscape, wildlife & literature in old Radnorshire
• Sker Text: Robert Minhinnick, photos: Eamon Bourke
• Mr Bennett Regrets Ghost story by Tiffany Murray
• Something Black Was Showing Crime story by Katherine Stansfield

Editor: Gwen Davies