New Welsh Review 105, Autumn 2014


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• Every Laugh is a Dice Throw Michael Nath dices with death
• Gee Williams on the Welsh Roma
• Patience Jane MacNamee learns to walk again after surgery
• Lucy Gough on adapting Adventures in the Skin Trade for the stage
• Honey Poo Poo & the Sad Songs of the Homesick Nadia Kamil on Judith Owen
• A Minor Accident on the Way to Buy Toothpaste Ellie Rees' account of her son's life following paralysis
• The Phenomenon of the Rain Francesca Rhydderch profiles Korean author Lee Seung-U
• Fox Man Story by Jayne Joso
• Plunder Story by João Morais
• Monthly Payments Story by Candy Neubert

Editor: Gwen Davies