New Welsh Review 104, Summer 2014


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• Small-scale Ambition Michael Tomlinson reinterprets Thomas Jones' 'A Wall in Naples (c1782)'
• What Rhymes with Yonkers? From the Hills Rebounding, with Lloyd Robson in NYC
• In Pursuit of Spring Kym Martindale cycles Edward Thomas' westward route from London on the centenary of his prose classic's publication
• Truth and Reconciliation in Burma Rory Maclean & Nick Danziger
• 'You're Awfully Unorthodox, David' Jasmine-Hunter Evans uncovers Saunders Lewis' lost 1965 film interview with David Jones
• 'The White Negro'? Daniel G Williams on Dylan Thomas and the Beats
• Dangerous Asylums Rob Mimpriss showcases fiction inspired by a hundred years of records at Denbigh mental hospital
• White Food Story by Kate Hamer
• The Key Story by Jo Mazelis

Editor: Gwen Davies