New Welsh Reader – Summer 2022 Issue No. 129 (Print)





Dan Wood, Huw Alden Davies, David Street and Anthony Arrowsmith


A Casual Archaeology Paul Cabuts on the emergence of the photographer's book

The Wales in the Mind Stephen Wade on James Hanley’s unstable inventions

Tidelands Angela Evans (in the first of a series celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Wales Coast Path) introduces the active industry and rich ecology of our threatened estuary landscapes

Windswept Desire Yvonne Reddick on women walkers and climbers in recent nonfiction books by Annabel Abbs, Helen Mort and Margret Grebowicz

Poetry and Politics: From the Claws of a Long Verse An extract by Shara Atashi from her memoir of her poet father, Manuchehr

Erroneous Structures At a Denbighshire Iron-Age hillfort, Ed Garland mulls on the immune system

Tapolca The second in a series of travel writing by Steven Lovatt, ‘Notes from a Hungarian Journal’


To One of My Child’s Fathers Catherine Redford

Early Kate Hendry

Hypnogogic Sleep at the Hairdresser’s Leah Larwood

Hexafoil Kitty Donnelly

Garrulity My Greyhound... Tim Liardet

Yearn Isabelle Thompson

Spoor Ness Owen

When I Became Rae Howells

When I Ask my Sister to Explain his Bad Breath Karan Kapoor


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