New Welsh Reader – Summer 2021 Issue No. 126 (Print)



Winners in the Language Evolves competition for speculative fiction

Aroma Therapy by Susannah Dawes

The Precious Space by Tim Byrne

The Emily Algorithm by Robert Minhinnick


The Cape Coast Castle Platter - Jo Dahn on a perversely sumptuous-looking artefact of the slave trade

Language Evolves - Seán G Roberts, Hannah Little, Catriona Silvey on scientists and authors writing stories together

The Changing of the Guard - Ellie Rees on her disabled son Jack’s move to independent living

Science, me and the Warlock Dee - Gee Williams on crossing ‘the worst river in the kingdom’

Marguerite and ‘the Man’ - Liz Jones on when Marguerite Jervis, ‘The Queen of Romance’, met Caradoc Evans, the ‘best-hated man in Wales’

Apocalypse, Nawr! Chris Moss on fire and brimstone, surrealism and psychoanalysis, sprung rhythm and blues


Bamboo Arrow - Aaron Facer

Henhouse Syndrome - Natalie Crick

Dad Tourist - Charlie Bird

Unexpected - Ava Patel

Franks Uses his hands to Relieve the Pain - Rachel Morton

Pluto Retires... Michael Martin

Chicken Soup - Jodie Hollander

Dear Body - Daniel Sluman

Self-portrait as Lanternshark, 2003 - Cheryl Pearson

Arked - Elisabeth McKetta