New Welsh Reader 120, Summer 2019


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The Fox and The Foil Mill: story by Gavin Goodwin
Why Is It Always a Poem Is a Walk? essay by Dr Polly Atkin on ecopoetry and disability
But How Familiar-Strange Your Voice and Presence: essay by Dr Siriol McAvoy on historical echoes from women's poetry in Wales through the voices of Lynette Roberts and others
Unpicking the Locks: essay by Tracey Rhys on how encouraging her autistic son to write poetry broke through some of the barriers to emotional identification, expression and memory
Just a Woman with Nothing on her Skin: Zoë Brigley on the themes of power, abuse and sexuality and healing in her debut poetry collection Hand & Skull, and in Alfred Stieglitzs' photos of Georgia O'Keeffe

Editor: Gwen Davies