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Love in the time of Cholera

We are delighted to announce that our fundraising campaign, launched with the site only five weeks ago, achieved our target of £14,000 within weeks, with 221 supporters.

Despite the fact that Britain went into lockdown due to coronavirus during our campaign’s last ten days, that we had to move our workforce to home premises, and that millions of self-employed, including writing freelancers (into whose goodwill we hoped to tap), were left facing eco- nomic uncertainty, we sailed past our first target, above our second, and closed our campaign on 2 April, having banked £15,422.

Campaign lows included coronavirus anxiety; coronavirus UK government measures – firstly the closure of our office building and early evacuation of students – and latterly the UK government’s lockdown, creating economic uncertainty, both individual and globally, with its inevitable impact on people’ ability to budget beyond their own individual needs. The terror that our own (UK and Welsh) publishing industry infrastructure was under grave threat, not just from the closure of bookshops but also wholesalers such as Gardners, the Books Council of Wales distribution centre near Aberystwyth and even the possibility that global suppliers such as Amazon might make long term their decision to prioritise ‘non-essential’ goods such as books during the crisis. Such contingency planning, affecting not just our magazine but also the books we publish, became a weekly and essential distraction. The realisation that we would no longer be able to offer some of our imaginative ‘rewards’ based on face-to-face and public interaction, such as our planned ‘Be a Bookseller for the Day’ at Griffin Bookshop, Penarth, and other talks and workshops, both artistic and bookish. Also, the launch of competing fundraising campaigns by other cultural organisations affected by the crisis, particularly those dependent on public-space related art forms and activity…

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Poetry and Artwork

The Great Spring of Glamorgan & Schwyll: The Great Spring of Glamorgan Robert Minhinnick and Dan Llywelyn Hall

Non Fiction

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Perfect Smiles Liz Jones on what our teeth tell us about society and welfare

Under Milk Wood: A Play for Ears David N Thomas reflects on the radio concept of community portraiture and the influence of Philip Burton
and T Rowland Hughes on Dylan Thomas’ classic script


El Cuento Robado Dan Anthony 

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