Issue 93,

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New Welsh Review 93, Autumn 2011


The Quick, the Dead and the Daschund (Gwen Davies)
Biographers, dealing as they are with lives passing (or gone), wrestle more than other writers with those inevitables: time and death. This spring, the great biographer Michael Holroyd told his Hay festival audience that biography lets a dead author write a new book. Animal Magic: A Brother's Story, reviewed here does just that. Andrew Barrow's brother Jonathan was killed at twenty-two in 1970 in a car crash, alongside his fiancée, days before Jonathan's wedding. Andrew's response was to let the years go by, take the dead man's surreal unpublished novel The Queue, and rework it into a highly original biography. He allows the prophetic facts of borrowed fiction (bride gets run over by a bread van) to echo real-life tragedy. The Queue, featuring as it does stripteasing daschunds and members of a menagerie in degrees of sexual arousal, together with Jonathan's Quentin-Blake-alike sketches of macabre subjects such as a dead horse with a hard-on, reveals a bizarre imagination of which his living brother is in awe forty years after his bereavement. read more...


Pulp Kitchen Tyler Keevil on The Coming-of-Age film soundtrack
Oliver Tate gets the Girl by Liz Jones
Overstating the Case by Patricia Duncker
Montaigne and the Acceptance of Uncertainty by Richard Gwyn
TradeWinds by Peter Finch
Rich Text Fflur Dafydd on her 'renovation' of Culhwch and Olwen


The Coping Stone by Clare E Potter
A response in fiction to The Meaning of Apricot Sponge: Selected Writings of John Tripp

I'd Like a Slice of That & The Tyre Guy by Cynan Jones
New short fiction from the author of The Long Dry and Everything I found on the Beach

Random Walk by Alexandra Claire
An excerpt from her first novel, published by Gomer this Autumn.


Poems by :
Elin ap Hwyel
Samantha Wynne-Rhydderch
John Kinsella
Alan Kellermann


Mary Ann in Autumn by Armistead Maupin, and Hate, A Romance by Tristan Garcia [trans Marion Duvert & Lorin Stein]
Mike Parker
Manhattan '45 by Jan Morris, and Three Journeys by Byron Rogers
John Barnie

Everything I Found on the Beach by Cynan Jones
Linda Ruhemann

Daniel's Beetles by Tony Bianchi, and The Quality of Light by Richard Collins
Harri Roberts

Perfect Architect by Jayne Joso, and A Book For All and None by Clare Morgan
Rob Mimpriss

Animal Magic: A Brother's Story by Andrew Barrow
Jemma King

The London Train by Tessa Hadley, and The Colour of Grass by Nia Williams
Angharad Penrhyn Jones


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