Issue 48,

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New Welsh Review 48, Spring 2000


Representing Wales (Robin Reeves)
In many ways it is strange that the world of modern rugby should be thrown into turmoil by revelations that some of the current Welsh international rugby player's might not be eligible to play for Wales because their grandfathers were born in Oldham and Birmingham rather than Carmarthen and Cardiff. After all, representing Wales in sport, like so much else in Welsh life, is more often a matter of commitment rather than of birth, blood or more...


Epiphany in Ystradgynlais by Ozi Rhys Osmond
Ozi Rhys Osmond on the life, and influence on Welsh art, of Joseph Herman.
A Welsh mining village by Joseph Herman
Influential artist Joseph Herman writes about finding inspiration in the Welsh mining village of Ystradgynlais.
A miner 'on message' by Barbara Prys-Williams
Barbara Prys-Williams reviews the life and writings of miner-writer B.L. Coombes.
Storyteller of the valleys by Sally Robert Jones
Sally Robert Jones assesses Alexander Cordell's contribution to Welsh literature and his place in the Anglo-Welsh 'storyteller' tradition.
'Seperate, different and individual' by Tony Brown
Tony Brown recalls Gwyn Jones, writer and scholar.
From Nonconformity to narcotics by Jon Gower
Jon Gower discusses how a Welsh short story anthology, Mama's Baby (Papa's Maybe), shows how the form has moved on.
Art against the classes by Andrew Hussey
Andrew Hussey on Situationism, Situationists and the 'still burning welsh radicalism' of the Manic Street Preachers.
An interesting sort of blackness. by Lyn Ebenezer
Part of the Millennium Series, Lyn Ebenezer's article uncovers some Welsh villains of the last century.
Remember us in the roads by Walford Davies
Walford Davies reviews a new study of Gerald Manley Hopkins in Wales.
Less is more by Peter Morgan
Peter Morgan reviews three films from Wales, Rancid Aluminium, Human Traffic and Solomon a Gaenor.


Delivery by Catherine Merriman
The Eagle and the Bollard by Brian George
Something In Between by Peter Oram
Walls, Blood Red, Gleaming White Dado by Alex Keegan
The Bit Player by Nigel Jarret


Poems by :
Nigel Wells
Peter Finch
Tony Curtis
Neil Wenborn
Michael Ponsford
Kenneth C. Steven
Sue Moules
J. Brookes
Liz Atkin
Julian Colton
Michael Bedford
Jeremy Hooker
Sam Adams
Fiona Owen
Christopher Jones
Steve Short


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Grits by Niall Griffiths
Published by Cape
ISBN 482pp. £10.00
Reviewed by Peter Finch
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A Severe Case of Dandruff by Herbert Williams
Published by Gomer
ISBN 151pp £5.95
Reviewed by Richard Evans
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Beowolf by Seamus Heaney
Published by Faber & Faber
ISBN 106pp. £14.99
Reviewed by Steve Short
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Other Words: Essays on Poetry and Translation by Joseph P. Clancy
Published by University of Wales Press
ISBN 147pp £19.99
Reviewed by Angharad Price
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Renewals: Selected Poems by John Idris Jones
Published by Conybeare
ISBN £3.99
Reviewed by Catherine Fisher
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Eros and Thanatos by Paul Groves
Published by Seren
ISBN £7.95
Reviewed by Catherine Fisher
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Not Falling by Desmond Graham
Published by Seren
ISBN £7.95
Reviewed by Catherine Fisher
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Late Thoughts in March by John Powell Ward
Published by Seren
ISBN £7.95
Reviewed by Catherine Fisher
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Red Landscapes: New and Selected Poems by Mike Jenkins
Published by Seren
ISBN 127pp. £8.95
Reviewed by Victor Golighlty
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Unsafe Sex: New and Selected Poems by Ifor Thomas
Published by Parthian
ISBN 109pp. £6.99
Reviewed by Victor Golighlty
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Britain's Dreaming by Gareth Calway
Published by Frontier Publishing
ISBN 64pp £6.95
Reviewed by Victor Golighlty
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Wales, A Question For History by Dai Smith
Published by Seren
ISBN 216pp. £12.95
Reviewed by Brian Davis
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A History of Haverfordwest by Ed. Dillwyn Miles
Published by Gomer
ISBN 266pp £17.50
Reviewed by Ifor Thomas
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World Enough and Time: The Life of Andrew Marvell by Nicholas Murray
Published by Little, Brown and Company
ISBN 294pp. £20.00
Reviewed by Glyn Pursglove
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The Oxford Book of Work by Ed. Keith Thomas
Published by Oxford University Press
ISBN £20.00
Reviewed by Gustav Klaus
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Work by Ed. Dinah Livingstone
Published by Katabasis
ISBN £12.95
Reviewed by Gustav Klaus
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A year in a Small Country by William Condry, Patrick Dobbs and Christine Evans, ed. Jon Gower, illustrations by Chris Neale
Published by Gomer Press
ISBN 190pp. £8.95
Reviewed by Jim Perrin
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