Issue 41,

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New Welsh Review 41, Summer 1998


"Re-branding" Wales (Robin Reeves)
Devolution and the creation of Wales's first National Assembly since Owain Glyndwr is giving rise to sudden concern about Wales's image in the world, Ron Davies, the Secretary of State for Wales, has talked of the need to "re-brand" Wales. The Institute of Welsh Affairs has just produced a pamphlet on The Welsh Image by John Smith MP for the Vale of Glamorgan (Gregynog Paper No 4. IWA £7.50) A group of companies has published a brochure, Wales: the Time is Now, to provide guidance to companies on how to present Wales to the world in the best possible light. Peter Hain, Minister of State at the Welsh Office, has been so brave - some would say foolhardy - as to suggest that Wales consider exchanging one of its longest-standing national symbol, the Red Dragon, for something more modern.


Saunders in Afallon by Gareth Miles
A modern fable by Gareth Miles.
Ancienne Cuisine or 'Let them eat Welsh cakes!' by Hawys Pritchard
A discussion of the literature of 'traditional' Welsh food.
'Cur dwbl [y galon' (The double beat of the heart)] by Francesca Rhydderch
Profile of bilingual poet Gwyneth Lewis.
From rough shores to Space Shuttle by Peter Gruffydd
Gruffydd reviews Gwyneth Lewis's latest collection of poemsZero Gravity.
The Hen Benillion and Glyn Jones by Tony Conran
Conran explains the background to posthumous volume of translations A People's Poetry: Hen Benillion.
Pugh, What a Scorcher! by John Goodby
John Goodby responds to Sheenagh Pugh's criticism of 'difficult' contemporary poetry in NWR vol. 40.
Llathyard: word on the street by Penny Simpson & Peter Finch
A Cardiff words and images exhibition with a difference.
Welsh Greats of the Century:Buildings & Architects by Ifor Thomas
A look at the relative merits of this century's landmark buildings and their architects.
'Condem'd to wither on a foreign strand' by Moira Dearnley
The 1833-34 poems of Ann of Swansea.
Nineties arts-speak is not enough by Graham Laker
Laker reflects on two very different accounts of the future of theatre in the next millenium.
'A Gymnasium for underused imaginations' by Jeni Willams
Review of recent theatre productions in Wales.
Seeing the possibilities; the dramatist as teacher by Hazel Walford Davies
An interview with Alan Osborne.
Welsh Writing in English finds Stamina by Patrick Crotty
A discussion of New Welsh Review's Welsh Writing in English: A Yearbook of Critical Essays, Vol. 4.
American Money, Whole Lotta Sparks by Topher Mills
Broadcasting round-up.


The Day Trippers by Richard John Evans
Teeth by Jon Gower
Tuning Up by Simon Howells
Trapped Thoughts by Rhodri Clark
Gifts by Idwal Walters


Poems by :
Topher Mills
Penny Windsor
Deryn Rees-Jones
John Powell Ward
William Greenaway
Olivia Byard
Peter Finch
John Barnie
Davena Hooson
Jane Glencross
Greg Hill
Anna Wigley
Lloyd Rees
David Winwood
J. Brookes
Lynne Rees
Alan Dixon
Peter Barry
Ann of Swansea


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History is What You Live by Ron Berry
Published by Gomer Press
ISBN pb 149pp £8.95
Reviewed by Alun Richards
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Wanting to Belong by Mike Jenkins
Published by Seren
ISBN pb 128pp £5.95
Reviewed by Richard John Evans
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Writing the Wind: A Celtic Resurgence. The New Celtic Poetry by Thomas Rain Crowe with Gwendal Denez and Tom Hubbard
Published by New Native Press
ISBN pb 335pp £9.50
Reviewed by Victor Golightly
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Collected Poems by Gillian Clarke
Published by Carcanet
ISBN pb 192pp £9.95
Reviewed by Katie Gramich
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Trying the Line: A Volume of Tribute to Gillian Clarke by Ed. Menna Elfyn
Published by Gomer
ISBN pb 112pp £7.95
Reviewed by Katie Gramich
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A Welsh House and its Family, The Vaughans of Trawsgoed by Gerald Morgan
Published by Gomer
ISBN pb 260pp £12.95
Reviewed by John Davies
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Travels in an Old Tongue - Touring the World Speaking Welsh by Pamela Petro
Published by HarperCollins
ISBN pb 324pp £7.99
Reviewed by Jon Gower
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Night Horizons by Gerard Casey
Published by Phudd Bottom Press
ISBN pb 258pp £14.95
Reviewed by Greg Hill
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Of Sawn Grain by Ed. Anne Cluysenaar
Published by The Collective Press
ISBN pb 63pp £5.00
Reviewed by Ifor Thomas
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Tilt by Hartill, Hool, Jones
Published by The Collective Press
ISBN pb 94pp £5.95
Reviewed by Ifor Thomas
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Dreaming Nightly of Dragons by Dylan Jones
Published by University of Salzburg
ISBN pb 72pp £5.95
Reviewed by Ifor Thomas
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Women come to a Death by Dilys Wood
Published by Katabasis
ISBN pb 57pp £6.95
Reviewed by Ifor Thomas
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Circling Sound by Anne Lewis-Smith
Published by The National Poetry Foundation
ISBN 42pp £5.00
Reviewed by Ifor Thomas
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The Laugharne Poets by Thomas Rain Crowe
Published by Gwasg Carreg Gwalch
ISBN pb 69pp £4.50
Reviewed by Ifor Thomas
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Overhearing the Incoherent by Michael Mcnamara
Published by Grevatt & Grevatt
ISBN pb 36pp £6.50
Reviewed by Ifor Thomas
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Dangerous Diversity: the changing faces of Wales by Ed. Katie Gramich and Andrew Hiscock
Published by University of Wales Press
ISBN 224pp £25.00
Reviewed by Ruth McElroy
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The Eros Hunter by Russell Celyn Jones
Published by Abacus
ISBN pb 247pp £9.99
Reviewed by Peter Morgan
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Queen of the Rushes by Allen Raine
Published by Honno
ISBN pb £7.50
Reviewed by Janet Dube
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The Story of My Disappearance by Paul Watkins
Published by Faber
ISBN pb 188pp £14.99
Reviewed by Lewis Davies
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The Skiffle Craze by Mike Dewe
Published by Planet
ISBN pb 268pp £15.00
Reviewed by Nigel Jenkins
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The Land of Old Renown: George Borrow in Wales by Dewi Roberts
Published by Gwasg Carreg Gwalch
ISBN pb 104pp £4.50
Reviewed by Patrick Dobbs
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A Tour in Wales by Thomas Pennant
Published by Gwasg Carreg Gwalch
ISBN pb 187pp £5.75
Reviewed by Patrick Dobbs
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In Search of Owain Glyndwr by Chris Barber
Published by Blorenge Books
ISBN pb 224pp £11.95
Reviewed by Patrick Dobbs
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Freeways by Lewis Davies
Published by Parthian
ISBN pb 171pp £10.00
Reviewed by Sarah Hughes
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Kirstie's Witnesses by Sheenagh Pugh
Published by Shetland Times Publishing
ISBN pb 138pp £8.95
Reviewed by David Gow
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Poems that pass all understanding - Victoria Field

Positive response to Sheenagh Pugh's article, 'Poems that pass all understanding'. - Jim Pritchard-Lowe

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