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New Welsh Review 30, Autumn 1995


English in Wales (Robin Reeves)
Towards the Millennium is the title of a collection of essays on the arts scene in Wales just published by the Gregynog Press. Purporting to describe the artistic climate in Wales " at a turning point in his history", its most noteworthy feature is an hysterical attack upon the Welsh language cultural industries by the Welsh film maker, Kari Francis. A paid-up member of the conspiracy theory of history, Mr Francis accuses the Welsh language community of being a 'racist clique', which has excluded thousands of actors, writers, directors, poets, publishers, dramatists, technicians from the means of production and distribution of artistic wealth of Wales in the last thirty more...


Welsh studies "come of age" by Tony Conran
After studying Idris Davies's complete poem, Tony Conran concludes that the poet is more crucial than Dylan Thomas and R S Thomas to the study of Anglo-Welsh poetry.
Why David Jones matters by Hilary Davies
On the centenary of David Jones's birth, Hilary Davies argues that his attainments and influence as a writer go overlooked because of a failure of responsibility and vision at the heart of contemporary British poetry.
The Welshness of the ELWAU by Joseph P Clancy
The author gives his thoughts on what constitutes Welsh literature from an American perspective.
'Love must wait' by John Pikoulis
John Pikoulis reviews the first edition of Alun Lewis's collected poems and finds 'the writing was marked by an excess of rhetoric and inequalities in style and approach.'
Reflections on letters & unpublished poems by Alun Lewis by Freda Ackroyd
Freda Ackroyd shares her intimate correspondance from Alun Lewis and draft poems that he sent her during war time.
Pembrokeshire's Cavaliere connection by David W James
The author reviews The Volcano Lover, Susan Sontag's novel about Naples at the time of the Napoleonic Wars and finds it made him re-read the history of Pembrokeshire.
'A molten rush of immediate perception' by Anne Cluysenaar
Anne Cluysenaar reviews a new biography of the 17th-century Metaphysical poet, Henry Vaughan, by Stevie Davies.
Lloyd George and the lost films by Dave Berry
Dave Berry reports on the emergence of more and more silent Welsh films from the world's archives and their contribution to the early history of cinema.
Just criminals and put upon cops by Jon Gower
Broadcasting notes.
Once More Unto the Breach... by John Osmond
John Osmond explores the latest documents and arguments for a National Theatre for Wales.
Virtual Reality Wales by Mark Jenkins
The author attacks what he sees as the cultural nationalist prescription demanded of playwrights in Wales.
From Memory: or other ways of telling by Mike Pearson
Mike Pearson of the Brith Gof Theatre Company on the value and importance of story-telling.


Smother Day by Brian George
Bad Eating by Jon Gower
Life Story by Kathryn Fairless
The Novice by Alun Lewis
Estuary by Carol Lee


Poems by :
Penny Windsor
Janet Dube
Gareth Calway
John Hindle
Hilary Davies
W M Tidmarsh
Wayne Burrows
Sally Roberts Jones
Clyde Holmes
Joseph P Clancy
David Hart
Tony Conran
Freda Ackroyd
John Freeman
Frances Sackett


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No Truce with the Furies by R S Thomas
Published by Bloodaxe
ISBN 96pp £7.95
Reviewed by John Pikoulis
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Roland Mathias by Sam Adams
Published by University of Wales Press
ISBN pb 115pp £4.95
Reviewed by Don Dale-Jones
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The Welsh Fairy Book by W Jenkyn Thomas
Published by University of Wales Press
ISBN pb 313pp £7.95
Reviewed by Mary Meldicott
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Stories of Wales by Elisabeth Sheppard-Jones
Published by John Jones Publishing
ISBN £1.75
Reviewed by Mary Meldicott
Buy at

In the Teeth of the Dragon by Phil Carradice
Published by Saga
ISBN pb 71pp £6.99
Reviewed by Mary Meldicott
Buy at

One Moonlit Night by Cardog Prichard
Published by Canongate Books
ISBN pb 176pp £8.99
Reviewed by Katie Gramich
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The Secret Room by Marion Eames
Published by Gomer Press
ISBN £6.95
Reviewed by Janet Dubé
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Excalibur: the search for Arthur by Gwyn A Williams
Published by BBC Books
ISBN 224pp £16.99
Reviewed by Sioned Davies
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Owain Glyn Dwr and the War of Independence in the Welsh Borders by Geoffrey Hodges
Published by Logaston Press
ISBN pb 228pp £9.95
Reviewed by David Rees
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The Road to Shiloh by Jon Dressel
Published by Gomer Press
ISBN pb 115pp £8.95
Reviewed by Amy Wack
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dat's love by Leonora Brito
Published by Seren Books
ISBN pb 124pp £5.95
Reviewed by John Harrison
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Unsettling Strangers by Jeremy Fonge
Published by Gomer Press
ISBN pb 84pp £3.95
Reviewed by John Harrison
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The Real Shakespeare by Eric Sams
Published by Yale University Press
ISBN £19.95
Reviewed by John Idris Jones
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Wild Wales by George Borrow
Published by Gomer Press
ISBN pb 577pp £20.00
Reviewed by Patrick Dobbs
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A Machynlleth Triad by Jan Morris
Published by Viking
ISBN pb 182pp £14.00
Reviewed by John Osmond
Buy at

Fame by Kevin McGrath
Published by Dido Press
ISBN £6.95
Reviewed by Peter Finch
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How to Pronounce Welsh Place Names by Norman Schwenk
Published by Alley Press
Reviewed by Peter Finch
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The Everlasting Snow by Stanley Mason
Published by Envoi Poets
ISBN £3.50
Reviewed by Peter Finch
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The Frigger Makers by Arnold Rattenbury
Published by Shoestring Press
ISBN £3.95
Reviewed by Peter Finch
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Fitting in with Malcolm by Ric Hool
Published by Wysiwyg Chapbooks
ISBN £2.00
Reviewed by Peter Finch
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Left-Handers by Hubert Moore
Published by Enitharmon Press
ISBN £6.95
Reviewed by Peter Finch
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Red Poets Society 2 by Ed. by Mike Jenkins
Published by Cymru Goch
ISBN £2.99
Reviewed by Peter Finch
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Abyssophone by Peter Redgrove
Published by Stride
ISBN £6.95
Reviewed by Peter Finch
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Out of the Ordinalia by Alan M Kent with Pol Hodge
Published by Lyonesse Press
ISBN pb 110pp £7.95
Reviewed by Tim Saunders
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A Clwyd Anthology by Dewi Roberts
Published by Seren
ISBN £6.95
Reviewed by H G A Hughes
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Celtic Women: Women in Celtic Society and Literature by Peter Berresford Ellis
Published by Constable
ISBN pb 288pp £16.95
Reviewed by Rodney Aitchtey
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Shakespeare's Welsh Connection - John Idris Jones

Nobel for RS - Graham Davies

Nobel for RS - Selwyn Pritchard Hughes

A E Richards - Wyn Parry-Jones

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