Issue 21,

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New Welsh Review 21, Summer 1993


Swansea's Year of Literature (Robin Reeves)
Is there to be a Year of Literature and Writing in Swansea in 1995? A casual observer could be forgiven for wondering if this Arts Council of Great Britain project - secured by Swansea on the basis of a proposal put forward by the Welsh Academy - is either not going to happen or is going to end in more...


Bosnia-Herzegovina: in a state of nature? by Tom Nairn
The author examines the causes of the Balkans conflict, with the help of Thomas Hobbes, Michael Ignatieff, Radovan Karadzic and ... Aruthur and Lewis Evans, two 19th century travellers to the region.
Idris Davies and the orchestras of history by Dafydd Johnston
The author reviews Idris Davies's The Angry Summer: A Poem of 1926 and suggests that the poet's most famous poem was inspired by the need to make good his personal failure during the General Strike of 1926.
Welsh heterotopia by Mike Pearson
Mike Pearson puts Welsh theatre into context with the help of Jean-Francois Lyotard and Michel Foucault.
Damned Braces by Peter Gruffydd
Extracts from the author's work in progress autobiography, in which he recaptures his experience of growing up in Caernarfon in the 1940s-50s.
Thomas Jones and the Lost Book of Khasis by Nigel Jenkins
As part of research for a book he is writing for Gwasg Gomer and a documentary series for S4C, Bryniau Casia, Nigel Jenkins investigates the influence Welsh missionaries had on the Khasi hilltribe of north-east India.
The missionaries and the Khasi Jaintia people by Rev J Fortis Jyrwa
Although the missionaries have been absent from the Khasi Jainti Hills since 1969, the "marks" of their presence are still to be seen. The author reflects upon their legacy.
New novels seek to break the mould by Menna Baines
Menna Baines reflects on the books that have pushed Welsh-language literature in a new and interesting direction this year, amongst them the Welsh Arts Council's Book of the Year Winner, Seren Wen ar Gefnidir Gwyn by Robin Llewelyn.
What is a Welsh book? by Joseph P Clancy
The author airs the perennial problem of how to define the genuine, authentic 'English Language Welsh Author'.
The twin menaces of Art and Commerce by Jon Gower
Broadcasting notes.
Popular, yes - but necessary? by Dai Woosnam
The author reviews recent popular novels by Iris Gower, Pamela Evans and Anne Baker and suggest that some writers should be paid not to write.


The Good Life by Sian James
Writer's Block by Phil Carradice
At the Four Aces by Roger Granelli


Poems by :
Peter Thabit-Jones
Stephen Knight
Neal Mason
Michael Reck
Steve Short
Thomas Kretz
Fiona Sampson
Tony Sims
Ian Gregson
Charles Montgomery
Howard Wright
Gordon Symes
Stephen Smith
David Brancaleone
John Davies
Vuyelwa Carlin
Giles Goodland
Sue Moules
Stewart Brown
Brett Hayes
Frances Sackett
Vicki Feaver
Mudhafer Al Nawab
William Greenaway
Angela Fish


The majority of books reviewed in New Welsh Review can
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A History of Wales by John Davies
Published by Allen Lane
ISBN pb 718pp £30.00
Reviewed by Peter Stead
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Bruce Chatwin by Nicholas Murray
Published by Seren Border Lines
ISBN pb 139pp £5.95
Reviewed by D A Callard
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Devolving English Literature by Robert Crawford
Published by Clarendon Press
ISBN pb 330pp £10.95
Reviewed by Ned Thomas
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Euros Bowen: priest-poet/bardd-offeiriad by Ed. by Cynthia and Saunders Davies
Published by Church In Wales Publications
ISBN pb 154pp £5.95
Reviewed by M Wynn Thomas
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Saunders Lewis: Selected Poems by Trans by Joseph P Clancy
Published by University of Wales Press
ISBN pb 58pp £7.95
Reviewed by M Wynn Thomas
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Three Chinese Poets by Vikram Seth
Published by Faber
ISBN £6.99
Reviewed by Peter Finch
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Dance with a Shadow by Irina Ratushinskaya
Published by Bloodaxe
ISBN £5.95
Reviewed by Peter Finch
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A World Beyond Myself by Rutger Kopland
Published by Enitharmon
ISBN £7.95
Reviewed by Peter Finch
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Selected Poems by Jacques Dupin
Published by Bloodaxe
ISBN £7.95
Reviewed by Peter Finch
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A Valley in the Midst of Violence: Selected Poems by Gosta Agren
Published by Bloodaxe
ISBN £7.95
Reviewed by Peter Finch
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Serious Games by Malcolm Parr
Published by Swansea Poetry Workshop
ISBN £5.00
Reviewed by Peter Finch
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Sappho - Poems & Fragments by
Published by Bloodaxe
ISBN £6.95
Reviewed by Peter Finch
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Modern Turkish Poetry by Ed. by Feyyaz Kayacan Fergar
Published by Rockingham Press
ISBN £9.95
Reviewed by Peter Finch
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The Stars in their Courses by Herbert Williams
Published by Alun Books
ISBN £4.95
Reviewed by Glenda Beagan
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Whistling Past the Churchyard: Strange tales from a supersititious Welshman by Jon Manchip White
Published by The Atlantic Monthly Press
Reviewed by Glenda Beagan
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The Celtic Connection [Princess Grace Irish Library:6 ]by Ed. by Glanville Price
Published by Colin Smythe
ISBN pb 361pp £29.00
Reviewed by Harri Pritchard Jones
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Selected Poems by Ruth Bidgood
Published by Seren
ISBN pb 138pp £6.95
Reviewed by Don Dale-Jones
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The Internationalization of Haiku and Matsuyama: a symposium by
Published by Matsuyama Municipal Shiki-Kinen Museum
Reviewed by Rodney Aitchtey
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Yanking Up the YoYo by Michael Carson
Published by Black Swan
ISBN pb 316pp £5.99
Reviewed by Nicholas Le Mesurier
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Sir Rhys ap Thomas by David Rees
Published by Gomer Press
ISBN pb 86pp £4.25
Reviewed by Richard Allen
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R S Thomas at 80 - John Idris Jones

Wilfred Owen's Photographs - Kevin Bamford

Wilfred Owen's Photographs - Idwal Walters

Caradoc's Welsh - J Gwyn Griffiths

Dialect and the English curriculum - Mike Jenkins

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