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New Welsh Review 20, Spring 1993


A 'Dialect Not' (Robin Reeves)
Years of inquiry, consultation and preparation preceded the introduction of the English Order into the National Curriculum. The framework which resulted has found widespread favour among English teachers in Wales as well as England. It has been accepted as striking the right balance between the use of language and introducing pupils to a range of literature. Here in Wales, the new curriculum has benefited the study of Welsh writing in English in particular, by encouraging teachers and pupils alike to study texts which, with the exception of Under Milk Wood, and perhaps one or two others, were traditionally ignored, (see letters, pages 86, 87).read more...


A loser's tale by Richard Jones
The author reviews The New Penguin Book of Welsh Short Stories, reflecting upon the literary health of the Welsh short story.
An inexplicable note of hope by A M Allchin
"In a time as tempted to desperation as is good to have a man among us who has looked so steadily into the eye of the dark, and who is yet able, as he starts his ninth decade, to bring us an inexplicable note of hope." A M Allchin on R S Thomas and the Twentieth Century.
What a passionate poet this man is! by Anthony Conran
In reviewing RS Thomas's Collected Poems 1945-1990, Anthony Conran concludes that nowhere else in English poetry can such intensity be found.
On his knees with his eyes open by Dewi Z Phillips
The author explains why we should be grateful for RS Thomas's most recent poems, found in the collection Mass for Hard Times.
Creating a new centre of conscientiousness by Harri Pritchard Jones
The author analyses The Page's Drift: RS Thomas at Eighty a volume of essays of tribute to RS Thomas on his eightieth birthday.
The shadow man casts on the screen of eternity by John Davies
The author reviews a collection of critical essays on RS Thomas, Miraculous Simplicity: Essays on RS Thomas recently published in the United States.
American prejudices by William V Davis
William V Davis argues that critical writings on RS Thomas remain too parochial and limited to give the poet the kind of attention he has earned and deserves.
Translating the silence by Ruth Anne Henderson
The production of a volume of RS Thomas's poetry in Italian was not an easy process, as Ruth Anne Henderson explains.
Wilfred Owen's photographs by Merryn Williams
Wilfred Owen's hundredth birthday was celebrated this year. Merryn Williams explains the 'greatest of the war poets' determination to tell the truth about war.
Commandeering the bard of Avon by John Gower
Broadcasting notes.
Civilizing the natives by Sian James
A review of this spring's theatre productions in Wales, including Wanting produced by Made in Wales, Dalier Sylw's Wyneb and Spirit Catchers by modern dance company Diversions.
Honno's magic touch by Jackie Alpin
Part of our series on Welsh publishers, the author charts the growth of the Welsh Women's Press.


Digging for Victory by Leonora Brita
Stopping the madness by John Harrison
Not a pony but a bear by R N Allan
Cabbage White by Mair Maclellan


Poems by :
Idwal Walters
RS Thomas
HGA Hughes
Hilary Llewellyn-Williams
Steve Griffiths
Tony Curtis
Ruth Bidgood
Jean Earle
Peter Finch
Rose Flint
Neal Mason
David Barnett
Peter Gruffydd
John Idris Jones
Pete Hellings
John Barnie
Gertrude W Clancy
Caroline Gourlay
Stephanie Green
Paul Groves
William Oxley
Sheila Sullivan
Charles Montgomery
W M Tidmarsh


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A Most Peculiar People: Quotations About Wales and the Welsh by Compiled by Meic Stephens
Published by University of Wales Press
ISBN pb 186pp £17.60
Reviewed by Trevor Fishlock
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Selected letters of Philip Larkin 1940-1985 by Ed by Anthony Thwaite
Published by Faber
ISBN 896pp £20.00
Reviewed by Graham Allen
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A Matter of Spirit: Eric Gill & David Jones at Capel-y-Ffin by Jonathan Miles
Published by Seren
ISBN pb 172pp £5.95
Reviewed by Jeremy Hooker
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Sea Changes: British Emigration and American Literature by Stephen Fender
Published by Cambridge University Press
ISBN pb 440pp £40.00
Reviewed by Glyn Williams
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Martha Jane and me: a girlhood in Wales by Mavis Nicholson
Published by Corgi
ISBN pb 288pp £5.99
Reviewed by Mary Parnell
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Morgan Llwyd: Ei Gyfeillion a'i Gyfnod by M Wynn Thomas
Published by Gwasg Prifysgol Cymry
ISBN pb 198pp £12.95
Reviewed by Mary Nicholas
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The Oxford Illustrated Literary Guide to Great Britain and Ireland by Ed by Dorothy Eagle and Meic Stephens
Published by Oxford University Press
ISBN pb 322pp £25.00
Reviewed by Sally Roberts Jones
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Black Harvest by Ed by John Evans
Published by Underground
ISBN £3.95
Reviewed by Christopher Mills
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Laying out the Body by Lucien Jenkins
Published by Seren
ISBN £5.95
Reviewed by Christopher Mills
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Mister John by John Gimblett
Published by Stride
ISBN £4.95
Reviewed by Christopher Mills
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When Boy Meets Girl by
Published by Rebec Press
ISBN £1.99
Reviewed by Christopher Mills
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Gathering Time by
Published by Tangents Press
ISBN £1.50
Reviewed by Christopher Mills
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Burning Down the Dosbarth by David Greenslade
Published by Y Lolfa
ISBN £3.95
Reviewed by Christopher Mills
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The Mabinogi by Proinsias Mac Cana
Published by University of Wales Press
ISBN £4.95
Reviewed by Tim Saunders
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Culhwch and Olwen by Ed by Rachel Bromwich and D Simon Evans
Published by University of Wales Press
Reviewed by Tim Saunders
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Ystoria Taliesin by Ed by Patrick K Ford
Published by University of Wales Press
ISBN £12.95
Reviewed by Tim Saunders
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A G Prys-Jones by Don Dale-Jones
Published by University of Wales Press
ISBN 87pp £4.95
Reviewed by Herbert Williams
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Parachutes and Petticoats: Welsh women writing on the Second World War by Ed by Leigh Verrill-Rhys and Deirdre Beddoe
Published by Honno
ISBN 221pp £7.95
Reviewed by Patrick Dobbs
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Crybbe by Phil Rickman
Published by Macmillan
ISBN pb 664pp £14.99
Reviewed by Nicholas Le Mesurier
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Leaving the Light On by Catherine Merriman
Published by Victor Gollancz
ISBN £14.99
Reviewed by Harri Pritchard Jones
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Schools in Wales 1500-1900: A Social and Architectural History by Malcolm Seaborne
Published by Gee and Son
ISBN pb 273pp £15.00
Reviewed by Leighton Hargest
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Welsh writing in English - Tony Brown

Welsh writing in English - Linden Peach

Welsh writing in English - Angela Fish

Modern media's evil romanticism - H S Price

Kate Roberts - Dewi Roberts

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