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New Welsh Review 12, Spring 1991


Editor's endnote (Belinda Humphrey)
With this number, I am bidding farewell to The New Welsh Review, as its editor. A large part of the Review is devoted to a selection of writers of that Wales/England and Welsh/English Borderland of variable width which meanders from Chester to Chepstow. This special focus on the Border Country does not indicate that I am about to leave Wales or my commitment to Welsh writing. I have not leapt the dyke or hedge or fence and found all other writing in English is a garden. For it was from English writing in English that, like most like people (probably even 99% educated in Wales), I made first and late incursions into Welsh writing. The belief that Welsh writers of this century have been and are among the best in the British Isles and that yet too many of them suffer non-recognition both sides of the Borders and also beyond Britain led me to accept gladly the launching of NWR and its editorship for its first three years. A looking towards the Borderland however could be taken as reflecting my view that Welsh writers can and should be discussed critically in a context of non-Welsh, especially England's, English writers. When they are no longer regarded as marginal or regional, their possession and presentation of a distinct identity would be increased.


The Herbert Libraries of Montgomery and Powis by Gwyn Walters
Gwyn Walters traces the fascinating history of the Herbert Family libraries at Montgomery and Powis Castles.
Elisa Powell: an Anglo-Welsh Novel of the Eighteenth Century by Moira Dearnley
Moira Dearnley discusses Elisa Powell written in 1795 by Edward Davies, arguably the first Anglo-Welsh novel, questioning whether it merits a detailed study when it appears to be no more than a voguish contribution to the most tedious of genres - that of sensibility.
Mystic [and Material Presences of Power in the Poetry of Elizabeth Barrett Browning] by Malcolm Hicks
Malcolm Hicks explores "The Lost Bower" from Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Poems of 1844 as it is 'indicative of her broader evaluation of poetic inspration and her future development'.
Francis Kilvert 150 Years On by William Price
An in-depth study of the evolution and content of Kilvert's notebooks and a reflection on recent Kilvertian publications.
Mary Webb's Borderland by Edmund Cusick
The author focuses on the importance of the borderland in Mary Webb's writing, developing his observations alongside a study of In Seven for a Secret.
The History of Raymond Williams by Dai Smith
The author discusses Raymond William's early eighties writing - his 1983 social and democratic vision of the future Towards 2000, his 1986 novel Loyalties and his unfinished work People of the Black Mountains.
Between Voices: Locating the Narrator in the Poetry of Frances Horovitz by Anna Gordon
Anna Gordon studies the difficulty of locating the narrative voice in the work of lesser-known border poet, Frances Horovitz.
The Poetry of John Davies: Wales and America by Andrew Thomas
The publication of John Davies's fourth collection Flight Patterns causes the author to reflect on Davies's poetic output, and the main concerns and techniques of his poetry.
'Contrary of Monuments': The Poetry of George Oppen by Alan Marshall
The author believes that Jewish poet George Oppen has been neglected due to the reader discovering the understated tone in his work rather than its art, seeking to redress this balance in his article.
Letter from America - The Writing Workshop by David Lloyd
David Lloyd discusses the proliferation of writer's workshops that exist in America, and the argument for and against them.
The Heirs of Polykrates by Sheenagh Pugh
The poet discusses the trend for 'green' poetry, and argues that it is not up to editors and publishers to dictate what the latest trend in poetry should be.
Poetry and Philosophy: A Reply by D Z Phillips
The author responds to Walford Davies's article on RS Thomas in NWR 11, in which he criticised those (including Philips) who do not exercise the careful attention which the study of poetry demands.
Poetry and Philosophy: A Rejoinder by Walford Davies
The author responds to D Z Philips previous article.


Onlookers by Bryn Gunnell


Poems by :
Peter Gruffydd
Robert Cole
Peter Smith
John Powell Ward
Betty Parvin
Val Moore
Phyllis M Jones
Jan Owen
Catherine Merriman
Rose Flint
Felicity Napier
Chris Bendon
John Davies
Sheenagh Pugh
Tony Padfield
M Petrucci
Anne Grimes
Cecilia Chance
Michael Laskey
Alan Marshall
John Dressel
Patricia Bishop
John Greening


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Profitable Wonders: Aspects of Thomas Treherne by A M Allchin, Anne Ridler, Julia Smith
Published by The Amate Press
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Reviewed by Belinda Humfrey
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Samuel Sebastian Wesley by Donald Hunt
Published by Seren
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Reviewed by David Gedge
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Mary Webb by Gladys Mary Coles
Published by Seren
ISBN pb 160pp £5.99
Reviewed by Jean Henderson
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Collected Poems: a New Edition by Norman McCaig
Published by Chatto and Windus
ISBN pb 456pp £18.00
Reviewed by Lawrence Normand
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Alun Lewis: Letters to My Wife by Ed by Gweno Lewis
Published by Seren
ISBN £14.95
Reviewed by Alun John
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Book of Shadows by Hilary Llewellyn-Williams
Published by Seren
ISBN pb 102pp £5.99
Reviewed by Anne Cluysenaar
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Uncontrollable Fields by Steve Griffiths
Published by Seren
ISBN pb 72pp £4.99
Reviewed by Anne Cluysenaar
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Peterloo Preview 2 by
Published by Peterloo Press
ISBN pb 96pp £6.95
Reviewed by Peter Finch
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The Blindman Goes from A to B by Maureen Wilkinson
Published by Peterloo Press
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Reviewed by Peter Finch
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The Hen Ark by Mark Roper
Published by Peterloo Press
ISBN pb 63pp £5.95
Reviewed by Peter Finch
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Music for Brass by Brian Waltham
Published by Peterloo Press
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Reviewed by Peter Finch
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Lapidary by Rosamund Stanhope
Published by Peterloo Press
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Reviewed by Peter Finch
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Soldiers and Innocents by Russell Celyn Jones
Published by Jonathan Cape
ISBN pb 116pp £10.95
Reviewed by Robert Nisbet
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Seren Poets 2 by Vuyelwa Carlin, Donald Evans, Desmond Graham, Simon Rae
Published by Seren
ISBN pb 96pp £5.99
Reviewed by Ceri Meyrick
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Caribbean New Wave - Contemporary Short Stories by Stewart Brown
Published by Heinemann
ISBN pb 181pp £4.95
Reviewed by Steve Griffiths
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Saunders Lewis, A Presentation of his work by Harri Pritchard Jones
Published by Templegate Publishers
ISBN £14.95
Reviewed by Gwyn Thomas
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The New Wales by Ed by David Cole
Published by University of Wales Press
ISBN pb 245pp £17.50
Reviewed by David Thorne
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One Step Forward? South and West Wales towards the Year 2000 by Ed by Richard Jenkins and Arwel Edwards
Published by Gomer Press
ISBN pb 164pp £7.95
Reviewed by David Thorne
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The Eisteddfod by Hywel Teifi Edwards
Published by University of Wales Press
ISBN pb 85pp £3.50
Reviewed by Brian Martin Davies
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Legends of the Celts by Frank Delaney
Published by Hodder and Stoughton
ISBN pb 237pp £14.95
Reviewed by Sally Roberts Jones
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Rosie Edwards by Hilda McKenzie
Published by Headline
ISBN pb 277pp £12.95
Reviewed by Jenni Thomas
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Maggie of Moss Street by Pamela Evans
Published by Headline
ISBN pb 350pp £12.95
Reviewed by Jenni Thomas
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