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New Welsh Reader 111, Summer 2016


Spuds and Lobster (Gwen Davies)

To have power is to be sufficiently motivated and assertive to execute our desire, with or without the cooperation of others. Children often lack it, as the fiction protagonists of this edition display. Aidan, in prizewinning Francesca Rhydderch’s Morecambe-set story, ‘Rock Lobster’, has a triple dose of paralysis, all strains rooted in poverty. Aidan’s emotional impotence is in relation to his mother attitude to sex as a bargaining chip, the start of his gambling problem and the violent loss of his budding friendship with Huan.

Similarly, Christina, in Crystal Jeans’ The Vegetarian Tigers of Paradise (a preview from a novel of the same title), is powerless to either understand or divert her mother Catherine’s use of horror film storylines to discipline her girls. Incredulity and laughter at Christina’s being sent to live with Freddie Krueger (in Blackweir, Cardiff ) are just as appropriate responses as admiration at a too-young mother’s will to drive fun into homelife with small children. (Look out for our event with Jeans at Hay Festival on 30 May, her debut novel published the same day by Honno and our video interview at multimedia.php.) To have the last laugh is a statement of power, and of course it reflects the source of comedy in soil trodden by the dominant and watered with compromise. As Father Ted – and The Vegetarian Tigers of Paradise – prove, the best comedy stems from those who are trapped but do porridge with panache.

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New Welsh Reader 111 contents:

Essay: Words Without Music by Chris Moss

Essay: Power in the Land, Philippa Holloway on Wylfa, nuclear power, landscape and art

Creative: Extract from The Vegetarian Tigers of Paradise by Crystal Jeans

Creative: Story ‘Rock Lobster’ by Francesca Rhydderch

Creative: Story ‘Removals’ by John Harrison

Creative: Story ‘Three or Four Kilos of Flesh’ by Marie Darrieussecq

Poetry: ‘Threnody, With Depleted Uranium’ by Carol Rumens

Poetry: ‘Chain Reaction: Uranus, Uranium….’ by Carol Rumens

Poetry: ‘Star Tin Ga Cha: Fission Fragments’ by Carol Rumens

Poetry: ‘Monologue in A’ by Alys Conran

Poetry: ’The Wired Lines’ by Phil Bowen

Poetry: ‘Cemlyn Ode’ by Phil Bowen

Poetry: ‘White Poppies in the Hour of Chaos’ by Rishi Dastidar

Poetry: ‘Rehearsal, Lunch Hall’ by Jamie Osborn

Poetry: ‘The Judge’ by Robert Harper

Poetry: ‘Unrepeatable World’ by Alice Miller

Poetry: ‘The Black Book’ by J Twm

Poetry: ‘Message in a Bottle Found at Tan-Y-Bwlch, Aberystwyth’ by Katherine Stansfield

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