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New Welsh Review 1, Summer 1988


Editorial (Belinda Humfrey)
Here is the first number of The New Welsh Review. This announcement echoes the Editorial opening sentence of the first number of Gwyn Jones's The Welsh Review of February 1939; but, almost fifty years on, this Welsh Review is not a pioneer but the inheritor of the modes and achievements of a series of periodicals concerned with Welsh writing in English. Unlike the editor of The Welsh Review (1939-46), or even those first, extensive and creative editors of The Anglo-Welsh Review, Raymond Garlick (1949-60) and Roland Mathias (1961-76), the present editor need not argue the case for a Welsh literature in English in Wales. But, alas, there is still a need to increase the readership of good Welsh writing in English both in Wales and in the English-speaking world beyond more...


Interview: Glyn Jones by Robert Minhinnick
Glyn Jones talks about his upbringing, politics and writing.
Glyn Jones: Selected Poems, Fragments & Fiction by Mercer Simpson
A critical review of the publication.
My People and the Revenge of the Novel by M. Wynn Thomas
M. Wynn Thomas on a book that has divided opinion.
Publishing My People: The Book as Expressive Object by John Harris[nlJohn Harris on the 'process by which a manuscript becomes a marketable public commodity' and how this impacts on how a text is read. He relates this to the 1987 Poetry Wales publication of My People which he edited.
Vale Atque Ave by Raymond Garlick
The former editor of The Anglo-Welsh Review mourns the loss of the journal but salutes the birth of New Welsh Review
An Abdication from Time by Tony Conran
An essay on Raymond Garlick's work as a poet.
Raymond Garlick Collected Poems 1946-1986 by Leslie Norris
A critical review of the book.
Wales, Welsh by G.O. Jones
G.O. Jones, part way into writing the provocatively titled Dictionary of Nonsense Words, applies the same approach to the meaning of 'Wales' and 'Welsh'.
The Making of the Anglo-Welsh Tradition (1) by Peter MacDonald Smith
Peter MacDonald Smith looks back at New Welsh Review's forebears - Wales, The Anglo-Welsh Review, Poetry Wales, Mabon and Planet - and considers how they came to make and shape the Anglo-Welsh tradition.
For the Honour of Wales by Don Dale-Jones
The influence of A.G. Prys-Jones (1888-1987): 'patriarch of Anglo-Welsh writing'.
Incoming Tides by Linden Peach
An essay on the poetry of Gillian Clarke.
The Bishop, the Bowdlers, the Botany Bay Sugeon by Gwyn Walters
The architects of the Old Library at St David's University College, Lampeter.

Views and News by various authors
A Border-line Case: On the Black Hill - Peter Stead reviews the film of Bruce Chatwin's novel.
European Cinema and Television Year 1988 - Virginia Digham considers the plans to celebrate the centenary of cinema and the state of the British film industry today.
Gerald of Wales - Lizbeth Barrett reports of the exhibition at the National Museum of Wales.
A Journey Through Wales: Artists in the Footsteps of Giraldus Cambrensis, 1740-1988 - P.J. Foss reports on the travelling exhibition.


November Kill by Ron Berry
The Story by Andrew Hassam
Reverse for Dennis by Leslie Norris


Poems by :
Dannie Abse
John Barnie
Duncan Bush
Joseph Clancy
Gillian Clarke
Tony Conran
Tony Curtis
Emyr Humphreys
Micheal Longley
Norman MacCaig
Chris Meredith
Robert Minhinnick
Deryn Rees Jones
Norman Schwenk
Mercer Simpson
Anne Stevenson
J.P. Ward
Gwyn Williams


The majority of books reviewed in New Welsh Review can
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bookshop, by simply clicking on the 'buy now' icon. For any that
are unavailable, please contact the publishers or ask in your local
bookshop. All details were correct at the time of publication.
Collected Poems 1936-1986 by Gwyn Williams
Published by Gomer
ISBN pb £10.95
Reviewed by Sally Roberts Jones
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Visiting Light by Jean Earle
Published by Poetry Wales Press
ISBN pb £3.95
Reviewed by Penny Smith
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Flotsam by Frances Williams
Published by Poetry Wales Press
ISBN pb £3.50
Reviewed by Penny Smith
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Lightning Country by John Barnie
Published by Dangeroo Pres
ISBN pb £3.95
Reviewed by J.F. Goddard
Buy at

Cork Memory by Chris Bendon
Published by Stride Publications
ISBN pb £2.50
Reviewed by Peter Gruffydd
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The Hurricane by Gwyn Parry
Published by Poetry Wales Press
ISBN pb £2.95
Reviewed by Douglas Houston
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Gods by Kate Johnson
Published by Poetry Wales Press
ISBN pb £2.95
Reviewed by Douglas Houston
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The Tree Calendar by Hilary Llewellyn-Williams
Published by Poetry Wales Press
ISBN pb £3.95
Reviewed by Evangeline Paterson
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