Yew for Two

As the tree-felling season once again approaches, and in Part 2 of his 1960 autobiographical notes, Jim Pratt moves on from Osbaston to another piece of ancient woodland in Monmouth Forest

PUBLISHED ON: 10/11/21

CATEGORY: Column, Memoir

As the tree-felling season once again approaches, and in Part 2 of his 1960 autobiographical notes (Well laid Hedges and Cider) Jim Pratt moves on fro …

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A Track in Pentrefelin

Rose Rouse discovers the rich and ancient cultural history around Cefnymeysydd Isaf, Eifionydd

PUBLISHED ON: 01/04/21

CATEGORY: Column, Essays, Memoir

I call it a track – it’s a lane – because I feel like a pilgrim every time I go up it from my partner’s farmhouse, Cefnymeysydd Isaf, which is hidden …

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Well-laid Hedges and Cider

Jim Pratt failed all his exams and was gently advised by his father to get a job. He recalls his first forestry posting at Osbaston, near the council’s rubbish tip in Monmouth, in 1960

PUBLISHED ON: 03/11/20


‘Coming to Mrs Wallet’s?’ Tom Johns was lighting his bicycle lamp, shielding the rather damp match that he had taken from a small tin and struck on hi …

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Chips and Cherry Blossom

Jane MacNamee

PUBLISHED ON: 17/04/19

CATEGORY: Blog, Memoir

Soaked in sunshine thick with a wilder scent of salt and spring flowers that lined the path along the cliffs….   It was mid-April, and nothing ha …

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Memoir of Dylan Thomas

David Hughes

PUBLISHED ON: 25/07/17


I met Dylan first when I was asked to look after his wife who was expecting her first baby – they had just come to Laugharne from the Chelsea set in L …

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Cynan Jones reveals the close shave he had when kayaking off the west Wales coast, which inspired his novel Cove

PUBLISHED ON: 01/11/16


A few years ago I took a kayak out from the beach off Aberarth. It was flat calm when I set out. So calm someone was fly-fishing from another kayak ju …

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The Nightingale Silenced

Jim Pratt

PUBLISHED ON: 23/02/13


The author Margiad Evans had her first epileptic fit in May 1950, alone, in an isolated cottage in the Cotswolds, only a few months before the birth o …

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Michael Parnell 1934-1991

PUBLISHED ON: 29/12/11


Following the sudden death of the editor Michael Parnell in September 1991, there is no editorial in New Welsh Review 14. The issue is introduced by J …

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