Secular, Scriptural or the Heavenly Host: 6 Angel Rules

Eleanor Williams seeks Truman Capote’s advice about writing like an angel, but comes up with her own rules for embedding angels in your writing

PUBLISHED ON: 28/06/22

CATEGORY: Author process, Column

Truman Capote, it is said, wrote like an angel. Is there a higher compliment? Writing like an angel is synonymous with ease, with perfection of sound …

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Books for Alien Girls: Fiction and Neurodivergence

JL George's personal and practical reflections on the role neurodivergence can and should play when writing fiction

PUBLISHED ON: 26/04/22

CATEGORY: Author process, Essays, Opinion

As a young reader, I devoured books about mad girls. Fiction and memoir; all kinds of disorders. Girl, Interrupted and Prozac Nation; Wasted and Life- …

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The Art of Blue Woman

Jonathan Page on the Welsh female artists who inspired the protagonist of his novel Blue Woman: Gwen John, Joan Baker and Shani Rhys James

PUBLISHED ON: 30/03/22

CATEGORY: Author process, Essays

Blue Woman (published by Weatherglass Books), is the fictional biography of a Welsh painter, Rose Hartwood. Her career is a long one, stretching from …

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Poem and Interview with Steven Hastings to Celebrate National Poetry Day 2021

Steven Hastings shares the thinking behind 'Memory Clinic II' in an interview with New Welsh Review

PUBLISHED ON: 07/10/21

CATEGORY: Author process

Memory Clinic II Welcome to the memory clinic. Do you know why you are here?                                                                           …

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Dignity: a Letter

Alys Conran

PUBLISHED ON: 27/03/19

CATEGORY: Author process

Dignity is published on 4 April. Although many of the social and historical aspects of Dignity come from family experience and other primary and secon …

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Better Houses

Susie Wild

PUBLISHED ON: 12/10/17

CATEGORY: Author process

I am writing this on National Poetry Day 2017. I celebrate it every year in some shape or form. Today you find me quietly typing blogs and articles to …

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A Love Letter to Wales

To celebrate the publication of Hayley Long’s Aberystwyth-set young adult novel, The Nearest Faraway Place, the multiple Costa prize shortlisted author explains why the town has such a hold on her

PUBLISHED ON: 31/07/17

CATEGORY: Author process

The Nearest Faraway Place is a story about grief. Super massive grief. The type that takes hold of the heart and the brain and freezes them both. But …

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The Last Bastion

Rachel Trezise on We’re Still Here, her play about the steel industry crisis affecting 15,000 wider jobs, to be shown in Port Talbot in September. The south Wales of heavy industry, heavily unionised and brimming with big-hearted, community-spirited, Labour-voting skilled manual workers, is gone. Instead, she argues, her play has among its themes, ‘epic compromise’

PUBLISHED ON: 31/07/17

CATEGORY: Author process

Photo: Sam Coombes, cast member and steelworker. Courtesy John Pountney/Elfen Tata Steel announced in January last year that over a thousand steelwork …

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The Accidental Thread

Eluned Gramich

PUBLISHED ON: 25/07/17

CATEGORY: Author process

In writing, as with any creative activity, there will always be a gap between what you intended to produce and the final result. The finished piece is …

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Absolute Beginners

Kathryn Gray on her online guide to becoming a writer

PUBLISHED ON: 29/01/10

CATEGORY: Author process, Blog

Recently, I was commissioned by Academi to write an online guide about how to become a writer, what the literary landscape looks like today in Wales, …

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